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Is Liposuction Right For Me?

Is Liposuction Right For Me? Hey! Do you want to have a flat stomach, nymph thighs, discreet buttocks, or thin knees? Liposuction may be a solution for you. Come see why.Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure which aims to remove a mass of fat located in certain parts of the body (at the level of…

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Liposuction Recovery

Recovering from liposuction and getting back to your daily routine will take a little bit of time and patience. When patients leave our clinic to go back to their hotel, they usually feel groggy for about 12 hours—or overnight. Rest assured we will be there on the day of your hospital discharge to help get…

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Rhinoplasty Procedure

Nose surgery is an outpatient cosmetic surgery procedure performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Plastic surgeons in Turkey employ one of two techniques when performing rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey.During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision inside the nose or across the base of the nose. Through the incisions, the skin is gently…

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