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Eyebrow Lift in Turkey

Eyebrow lifting is a surgical procedure that changes the general expression of the face. It is performed on the eyebrows which give the impression that the individual is tired. Thanks to this operation, the eyebrows revealing the beauty of the face and eyes will be rested, young, fresh, luminous and clean. The vertical and horizontal lines that develop on our forehead deepen over time, making us look older than we are. These lines are also called facial expression lines.

They reveal our age and make us look tired. It is known that the sagging of our eyebrows is also likely to be due to diseases, in addition to familiar conditions. The main of these diseases are tumors, facial paralysis and postoperative conditions. Certainly, our eyebrows have the most important position in terms of the appearance of our face.

How is Eyebrow Lift Performed?

Classic brow lift surgery, sometimes called temple lift surgery; This is the process of snapping the edges of the eyebrows. In order to prevent the scar from being apparent, the incision is made inside the hairy areas and with this incision the edge of the eyebrows is reached under the skin and the edges of the eyebrows are lifted upwards. Before the operation, conceptions about the operation are made, images such as photographs and video recordings are taken before and after the operation.

Although local (regional) anesthesia is mainly applied during the procedure, general anesthesia may be required in special cases. According to the operation procedure and the condition of the eyebrow area; Temple lift surgery takes an average of one hour and is painless.

What Procedures are Performed Before Brow Lift?

The differently positioned eyebrows in women and men are predicted to be above the supraorbital rim in women and along the supraorbital rim in men. The person who is a candidate for the eyebrow lift is first assessed. The position of the eyebrows and whether the patient has wrinkles are considered. This process is followed by the operation planning process.

In What Conditions Should Brow Lift be Preferred?

Eyebrow lift should be preferred to eliminate forehead wrinkles, drooping eyebrows and furrowed eyebrows, as well as to change the expression created by the eyelids. If the person complains of these conditions or if the expression of their eyebrows has changed due to a previous disease, this surgery will be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions Eyebrow Lift

How long does it take to recover from Brow Lift?

Since the healing process is gradual. You may have to wait several weeks before seeing the results. Additional subtle improvements may occur several months after surgery.

Will my Brow Lift incisions be visible?

The surgical technique used in Brow Lift will be done on the scalp so that they are as invisible as possible.

Does the eyebrow lift result change later?

Considering your aging process and the negative effects of gravity, you can expect to see sagging in your eyebrow after a brow lift. However, this is a long-lasting procedure, and for this reason, its result will be long-lasting.