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        Brow Lift in Turkey (Eyebrow Lifting)

        What is Brow Lift Surgery?

        Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that aims to rejuvenate the position of the eyebrows and forehead. Also known as browplasty, its main goal is to correct sagging or drooping eyebrows and forehead skin.

        Brow Lift in Turkey in a Nutshell

        We have built a tourism-hosting infrastructure to make your experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. Here is a quick hint at what you can expect from your brow lift in Turkey:

        Time in Turkey

        7 DAYS

        Surgery Time

        1-3 HOURS


        1-2 NIGHTS


        6-8 WEEK


        4/5* HOTELS



        What Leads to Drooping Eyebrows?

        Brow ptosis is the technical medical name given to progressive eyebrow skin sagginess. Diagnosing its cause is key to determine the best possible solution. Here are the main causes behind drooping eyebrows:

        • Aging: The natural aging process can cause the skin and muscles of the forehead and eyebrows to lose elasticity and sag, resulting in drooping eyebrows.
        • Genetics: Some people are genetically predisposed to have lower-set eyebrows, this can result in a drooping appearance.
        • Sun exposure: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, leading to skin laxity and drooping eyebrows.
        • Lifestyle factors: smoking, poor nutrition, and lack of proper skincare can contribute to premature aging of the skin around the eyebrows.

        What is Best for You? 4 Types of Brow lift in Turkey

        Correcting eyebrow ptosis can be performed using different surgical methods. The different techniques address different problems and lead to better results depending on your case and concerns. There is no best option in all cases. The decision to choose one method over another is yours and your surgeon will give you in-depth information after conducting a medical evaluation. 

        To give you a brief insight, here are the 4 main types of eyebrow lift in Turkey and when they work best:
        What is a Classic or Coronal Brow Lift?

        The traditional approach to brow lift surgery involves making an incision across the scalp behind the hairline, from ear to ear. This allows for significant lifting of the brow and can address more severe brow drooping

        What is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?
        This less invasive approach uses an endoscope to visualize and lift the brow and forehead through several small incisions made within the hairline. It is best suitable for patients with mild to moderate brow drooping.
        What is a Temporal or Limited Incision Brow Lift?
        The mini brow lift technique involves making small incisions at the temples, which are hidden within the hairline. This approach is typically best for patients who have minimal brow drooping or who need more focused correction in the outer part of the eyebrows.
        What is a Mid-Forehead Brow Lift?
        A mid-forehead brow lift in Turkey involves making an incision across the mid-forehead and lifting and repositioning the brows from a more central location. It is a less commonly used approach and may be best suitable for select patients with specific brow anatomy.

        Are you Eligible for Brow Lift Surgery in Turkey?

        Brow lifting is generally considered a straightforward, seamless surgery, but this doesn’t mean everyone is suitable. For your own personal safety, you may be asked to meet a series of medical criteria to ensure that surgery is not contraindicated. Must-meet criteria for a brow lift in Turkey may include some or all of the following:

        Medical Condition: You should not have any uncontrolled conditions that could increase risks or affect healing. For example, type-2 diabetes or reaction to anesthesia.
        Medication: Certain medication can endanger the process and are strictly contraindicated. These are usually blood thinners, such as aspirins.
        Stable weight: Significant fluctuations in weight after brow lift surgery can affect the results and potentially compromise the outcome.
        Can temporarily quit smoking: Smoking increases the risks and can impair the healing process. You may be required to quit smoking for a period of time before and after surgery.
        Have adequate time for recovery: You should have adequate time for recovery, as brow lift surgery involves a period of downtime and restrictions on activities.

        What are the benefits of having a Brow Lift surgery?

        Brow lift surgery might be a terrible idea for you, it might be good, or it might be excellent. It depends on your personal circumstance. What we can guarantee is that, if you suffer from heavy eye droopiness, brow lift surgery in Turkey can lead to an impressive before and after. Patients who experienced the greatest results from our treatments reported all of the following.

        ✅Lifted and rejuvenated appearance

        ✅Improved brow symmetry

        ✅Enhanced eye area

        ✅Improved self-confidence

        ✅Long-lasting results

        How much does Brow Lift surgery cost in Turkey?

        To determine the exact cost of brow lift surgery in Turkey, we would first need to establish the surgical technique you require. Furthermore, prices can also significantly vary depending on the surgeon, clinic and other considerations, such as travel and accommodation costs.

        As of 2023, the estimated cost of brow lift surgery in Turkey can range from approximately 2,500€ to 5,000€, this is the all-inclusive complete price, comprising all of the following:

        • The complete surgical and hospitalization fee
        • Private aftercare and nurse at the hospital and hotel
        • Accommodation during your whole stay in Istanbul
        • Private transportation during your whole stay in Istanbul
        • All post-op medicine & painkillers requiered
        • 12-month post-op follow-up

        It’s also crucial to thoroughly research and choose a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon who is certified by a recognized board and has a proven track record of successful brow lift surgeries.

        It’s necessary to have a detailed consultation with your chosen plastic surgeon to discuss your specific needs, expectations, and to obtain a personalized estimate cost for brow lift surgery in Turkey.

        Should you want to receive a complete medical travel plan, including the all-inclusive cost of eyebrow lift in Turkey, we can send you a free official quote.

        Preparing for Brow Lift surgery: 5 Step Plan

        Ensuring a safe, successful procedure also means making the right preparations before surgery. Your surgeon and medical assistants will give you all the information you require in the greatest detail. Here, you can find a quick guide on how to prepare for eyebrow lift surgery in Turkey:


        Stop Smoking

        Smoking is already bad enogh as it is, but it’s essential to stop smoking for a certain period of time before and after the surgery.



        You may be instructed you to avoid certain medications that can increase the risk of bleeding or interfere with anesthesia.


        Fasting Instructions

        You will be provided with specific instructions on fasting before surgery, typically for the night and morning before. Follow them carefully!


        Stay Hydrated

        Keep yourself hydrated before and after surgery, this is crucial for the healing process.


        Arrange For Recovery

        It is best to have someone to take care of you once you return back home. Make sure you have someone to help you and take care of everything before coming to Istanbul, such as stocking on food, medication, pillows and all you may require.

        Recovery Process

        Just as pre-op preparations are crucial to ensure the safest procedure and best results, so aftercare is a key part of the process. Carefully following your surgeon’s instructions can lead to a faster recovery and substantially better results. While in Istanbul, we will remain by your side at all times to take care of you and accompany you through the process. Below, you may find a quick guide to how your recovery process will unfold after your eyebrow lift in Turkey:

        • Discomfort or pain: Some discomfort or pain is normal after surgery. If necessary, your surgeon may prescribe pain medication to help manage such symptoms.
        • Dressings and bandages: You may have dressings and/or bandages applied to the incision sites after surgery. These will need to be changed or removed regularly!
        • Restricted activities: Your surgeon will provide specific instructions on activities to avoid, such as intense exercise, heavy lifting, or bending over. Ignoring such instructions could seriously hinder both your health and surgical results.
        • Incision care: Proper care of the incision sites is important for optimal healing. Your surgeon and nurses will clean and care for the incisions, as well as apply any medications or ointments that may be needed.
        • Follow-up appointments: Once you return back home from Istanbul, you will still have follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure healing. It is important to attend all scheduled appointments!


        What should you avoid after Brow Lift surgery?

        While you remain in Istanbul, we will be with you at all times to ensure the maximum care and smoothest recovery. However, it is also your responsibility to follow a series of important recommendations that can seriously hinder the results of the operation. The most important ones are as follows:

        ❌ Exposure to sun and heat: Sun exposure and heat can cause inflammation, discoloration, and delayed healing.

        ❌ Smoking and alcohol: Smoking and alcohol negatively affect the healing process and increase the risk of complications.

        ❌ Touching or rubbing the incision areas: it can increase the risk of infection!

        ❌ Makeup and hair products: These products can introduce bacteria to the incisions and potentially cause infection.

        ❌ Hot showers or baths: Hot water can cause increased swelling and disrupt healing.

        ❌ Pulling or stretching the forehead: This can strain the incisions and potentially affect the results!

        ❌ Sleeping on your face: Avoid putting excessive pressure on the incision areas while sleeping.

        What are the complications?

        Brow lift surgery, like any surgical procedure, comes with potential risks and complications. It’s important to understand these and take steps to minimize them. Here is a general overview of potential complications:


        Unsatisfaction with results








        Delayed healing


        Nerve injury


        Hairline changes


        Eyebrow asymmetry


        Overcorrection or undercorrection


        Anesthesia risks

        Eyebrow surgery is one of the safest and most successful surgical procedures, so don’t worry. All will be fine if you take the necessary precautions, such as following all pre- and post-op instructions carefully and choosing a certified surgeon operating in a modern facility employing the latest technologies.

        Brow Lift Surgery Results in Turkey

        Brow lift surgery illustrates how small changes can make a big difference. Brow lifting is practically impossible to spot, people around you will realize something’s changed while not having any idea of what. It is a fast, seamless procedure, with an easy recovery. You will only regret not having done it earlier!

        Brow Lift Surgery in Turkey All-Inclusive Package

        Medical tourism experts are not only great surgeons and nurses, we are also experienced hosts! All will be provided for you while in Istanbul. We take care of everything so you can just enjoy the Sultan or Princess Experience:

        • Surgery at the Finest Facilities
        • Operation by a Board-Certified Surgeon
        • Private Nurse at Hospital & Hotel
        • 4/5* Hotel Accommodation
        • Private Inner-City Transportation
        • 12-Month Follow-Up

        Sow and you will reap!

        Changing people’s lives is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of the medical profession. It is also what keeps us moving forward!

        We work hard every day to make you feel at home and treat you with the care and attention you deserve. Our patients rewarded us with testimonials for you to know this from the outside! Sow and you will reap!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How long do brow lift results last for?

        Surgical results can be life-lasting, but the aging process will continue over time, and natural changes can occur.

        How long does brow lift surgery take?

        Usually, surgery will take 1 to 2 hours to be completed.

        How painful is a brow lift?

        It is completely painless, in so far as it is performed under anaesthesia. Once patients wake up, they do feel some aftereffects, however.

        What is the typical age for a brow lift?

        Patients are usually required to be older than 18 and younger than 65. A typical age is around 50 to 60 years old, with many 30-year-old patients too.

        Is a brow lift a bad idea?

        Depending on your case and circumstance, it can be a very bad idea, if you don’t need it, or a very good one, if a facial improvement can bring a big improvement to your life.

        Will your hair be shaven for brow lift surgery?

        In traditional open brow lift surgery, a small portion of the hair may be shaved. The amount of hair shaved is usually minimal and is typically concealed by the remaining hair during the healing process. However, with modern techniques such as endoscopic or minimally invasive brow lift, the need for hair shaving is often minimized or eliminated altogether.

        Does brow lift change eye shape?

        By lifting the eyebrows, a brow lift can open up the eyes and create a more refreshed and youthful appearance. In some cases, a brow lift may also affect the shape of the eyes in terms of their perceived height or width.

        Is an eyebrow lift worth it?

        That depends on who you are and the circumstances you find yourself in. We would say it is worth it, but it is in our interest. What we can guarantee is that an eyebrow lift in Turkey costs much less than what it is worth, it is much cheaper than

        Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes?

        A brow lift can potentially help improve the appearance of hooded eyes to some extent, depending on the cause of the hooding and the patient’s individual anatomy. In some cases, brow ptosis, or drooping eyebrows, can contribute to the appearance of hooded eyes. A brow lift can lift and reposition the eyebrows to a more youthful position, which can help reduce the hooding effect and open up the eyes, resulting in a more refreshed appearance.

        Can a brow lift look natural?

        Yes, all surgeons strive for natural results that are pleasing to the eye.

        Is a brow lift better than eyelid surgery?

        Not necessarily. The answer will depend on your physiognomy and other considerations. Should you want to get a free online medical evaluation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

        What type of brow lift should I get?

        Such an answer cannot be given without a prior medical review and evaluation, as the answer would depend on many factors, such as your age, your medical condition, your facial traits and other considerations. Should you want to benefit from a free online medical consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

        Does brow lift leave a scar?

        A brow lift will leave a small scar that will fade away with time and will be naturally concealed by brow hair.


        Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Sakarya

        Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Sakarya received his medical education from Ege University Faculty of Medicine. He is a plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon. He is also ECFMG certified, which is required to practice medicine legally in the United States.

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