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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

An attractive body with a good appearance is very important for both men and women and when they must fight sagging, they are psychologically and socially affected.

It mainly occurs in women after pregnancy and in men after losing a lot of weight. When it occurs, the most effective way to treat it is abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty is the most advanced method of treatment, as it removes sagging skin, excess fat, softens the abdominal area, clears the navel area, and tightens the abdomen. This operation is carried out in Turkey with the latest technology and equipment.

Who Can Make Abdominoplasty?

The abdominal region is one of the most important areas of the body. A flat stomach can make you feel satisfied with yourself and give you confidence to wear your favorite clothes with all the comfort. But like any other cosmetic procedure, people who want to perform the procedure must meet certain qualifications, such as:

  • abdominal skin is loose.
  • the muscles of the abdomen hang down.
  • excess fat in the abdominal area.
  • lots of cracks in the abdomen.

Abdominoplasty is not weight loss surgery. It is a process to improve the appearance of the abdomen in people who have lost weight or after pregnancy. If you are planning to lose weight or if you are pregnant, it is recommended to wait for the abdominoplasty until the delivery is complete and/or the weight is established.

Before Abdominoplasty

Before abdominoplasty in Turkey, first your doctor will ask you to do some tests to find out the exact amount of fat you have in your abdomen (in case you have excess fat, he may suggest liposuction in the meantime.) and then you choose the technique that suits you. During exams, it’s important to share your expectations with your doctor, as well as your medical history, as this will help you achieve the best results.

It is important to know that like all other plastic surgeries, there are a few things to consider before the operation:

  • You must be over 18.
  • You must stop drinking alcohol and smoking three weeks before the operation.
  • Tell your doctor about the medicines you use regularly.
  • If you are using antidepressants or eight-loss pills, you must stop using them at least three weeks before the procedure.
  • You should avoid painkillers, herbal supplements, vitamins and aspirin one week before the operation.
  • You must stop eating heavy meals before the operation.
  • You must have completed the weight loss process before the operation.
  • If you are planning to become pregnant again, you must wait until you have given birth.
  • If you suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, it is essential to inform your doctor.
  • If you have an infection in your body, it is necessary to postpone the procedure until the end of the disease.

Frequently Asked Questions Abdominoplasty

What is the cost of an abdominoplasty?

Prices vary depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the area to be tightened. You will get the best information after consulting your doctor.

Will there be scars on my body after abdominoplasty?

There will be a scar, but it may be hidden under underwear, like a caesarean section. After about a year, these effects fade and become invisible.

Can I do liposuction with abdominoplasty?

Liposuction can be performed at the same time. However, you should consult your doctor for clear information.

Can fissures be treated with abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is the most effective solution to get rid of abdominal cracks.