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SMAS Facelift: All you need to know

The SMAS Facelift procedure was developed in the early 1980s as a variation of the approach described by Tord Skoog, a pioneer in facial rejuvenation.

In particular, the Extended High SMAS technique, allows to achieve a dramatic facial rejuvenation in the natural limits, providing a younger portrait of the patient as if he or she had traveled back in time.


The Process of Facial Aging

The skin is a complex organ covering the entire surface of the body.

With time, deep facial structures tend to sag and hood over, creating folds and ptosis, which exacerbates the appearance of an aged face.

There are multiple fat compartments in the face and neck, which typically lose volume and migrate with age. Facial muscles also develop tone over time, which can lead to shortening, weakening, and straightening.

What is an SMAS Facelift?

Beyond all tricks and solutions residing in less extensive surgical procedures, achieving a dramatic change and a true reposition of the facial and neck structures is only possible when facial soft tissue & skin is totally released from its anchor points and re-draped to the youth position. SMAS lifting is one of the most successful procedures in achieving so.

An SMAS facelift deals with the superficial muscular-aponeurotic system (SMAS), a layer of organised fibrous network composed of muscle fibres, fascia, fat, and a fibromuscular layer. 

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