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Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast hypertrophy is defined by excessive breast volume, depending on the patient’s morphology, this excess volume is usually associated with sagging breasts and sometimes with some degree of asymmetry Breast hypertrophy always involves some physical repercussion ( neck/shoulder/ back pain) general discomfort and prevents sports practicing, and causes also dressing difficulties.

The purpose of the surgical intervention is to reduce the volume of breast, correct the ptosis and asymmetry in order to obtain a harmonious breast and accorded to the patient’s morphology, symmetrized and remodeled. The surgery can be applied can be applied when the women’s body development process is completed, starting from the age of 18-20.

When Can The Surgery Be Applied

The ideal breast size and measurements for women have always been very important in terms of the body’s aesthetic appearance, however, a largest breast disrupt body integrity and lead to many health/psychological and social problems including the following:

  • Back and neck pain,
  • Wounds and rashes under the breast,
  • Excessive sweating,
  • Pain and collapse on the shoulders, kyphosis,
  • Difficulties finding clothes and bras,
  • Looks more overweight
  • Uncomfortable because of the appearance,

Breast reduction sort of operation is performed to relieve breast discomfort without damaging the milk ducts. It affords the ideal size of breasts, assures a normal daily life and eliminates the risk of a breast cancer.

Before A Breast Reduction Intervention

For the consultation, many examinations have to be done, and also, you need to clarify your expectations to your doctor. If any suspicion occurs, ultrasound and mammography must be performed, as well as additional hormonal tests. Technically there are many different methods of breast reduction to excess skin, fat, and tissue to be removed.
There are some things to consider before surgery:

  • Informing you doctor in case you are taking any medications,
  • Do not eat 5-6 hours before surgery,
  • Avoid medications such as pain relievers, herbal supplements, vitamins and aspirin 1 week before the intervention as they increase bleeding possibility,
  • Women over 40 must always have a mammogram or ultrasound tests,
  • Stop drinking and smoking 1 week before surgery to reduce the recovery period

Although breast reduction is a simple operation, you can easily overcome it and improve your recovery by following your doctor’s recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions Breast Reduction

Can I get pregnant after breast reduction surgery?
Breast reduction does not prevent pregnancy, when it’s practiced by experienced doctors, the milk glands are undamaged, therefore it would be possible to breastfeed.
How much reduction can be performed?
Depends on the body size and region of breast and shoulders, your expectations will be determined after the examination.
The minimal age for a breast reduction?
It could be done once the body development is completed after the age of 18.