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Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast enlargement is a surgical procedure for changing the shape and increasing the volume of the breasts for women. It is a type of plastic surgery, and it is the most commonly performed one among all the other plastic surgeries. And the breast augmentation operation has a higher success rate compared to the other types of plastic surgeries.

It has been a miraculous solution for the women who are not satisfied by the appearance of their breasts. The psychologists have proven that if you do not like something about your own looks, this may lower your self-esteem.

That is why the women who had a breast augmentation surgery mention that it changed their lives dramatically. They say that the way they see themselves, their confidence and morale has improved significantly.

Breast Enlargement Before and After

How your breasts are going to look after it depends on your decisions. So it is up to you to choose how your breasts are going to look. The doctor in the breast augmentation clinic is going to show you the options that you can choose and will also guide you about what kind of an augmentation would fit you most.

But the final decision is all yours. And if the doctor in the clinic is capable of performing the operation as you wish, then you will get exactly what you wanted after the operation. You can ask the clinic for breast augmentation before and after photos of their patients to see if the clinic can offer you what you want. This will help you to decide if you want to have your operation in that clinic.

Most of the time, these operations end with success, and the patients are highly satisfied. But again, it depends on your expectations and how well the breast augmentation clinic can fulfil these expectations. So choosing the right clinic for your expectations is going to increase your satisfaction after the operation.

Breast Enlargement Recovery

You may experience some mild to moderate pain during the breast augmentation recovery period. However, you do not need to worry about this because there are many ways for keeping the pain under control. The recovery period does not take very long, especially when you compare it to the other surgical operations.

You should not take any medications without consulting your doctor because some medications can interact with the narcotic painkillers and cause complications.

While your doctor is the person who will tell you the estimated time for your recovery, in most cases, it takes about a week. The doctors say that the full healing process requires 5 – 6 weeks, but most women report that they feel like they have completely recovered 7 days after the operation. And they do not feel pain or discomfort any longer.

Frequently Asked Questions Breast Augmentation

Does Breast Look Normal After Enlargement?
Yes, if the selected silicone pad is appropriate in size and shape for the patient’s body, it is possible to get a very natural look after the operation.
What Is The Least Age For Breast Augmentation?
Breast Augmentation can be performed after the growth of breast is completed. In other words, Breast Augmentation is appropriate after the age of 18.
How Long Is The Recovery After Breast Augmentation?
After Breast Augmentation, which lasts for one hour to one and a half, it is not advisable to leave the hospital directly, the patient should remain under the care of the doctor. After the necessary tests, the patient can exit. In general, it is preferable to stay at the hospital for one night and don’t do strong movements after the operation for 4-6 weeks. Therefore, it is not recommended to exercise for the first month and a half after the operation. Especially strong and difficult movements should be avoided. On the other hand, feeling pain in the arms is very natural.
What Is The Cost Of Breast Augmentation?
Prices vary depending on the types of silicone used, the hospital and the doctor who will perform the operation.