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        Dental Crowns in Turkey

        Strong, Pretty and Comfy: Dental Crowns in Turkey 🦷

        Teeth are like bricks on a wall. Weak spots will lead to the eventual collapse of the structure: that’s why solid foundations are crucial.

        Dental Crowns in Turkey at a Glance

        A proper dental treatment can ensure balance and harmony that lasts for a lifetime.

        Time in Turkey

        3-4 DAYS

        Surgery Time

        1-5 HOURS




        1 WEEK


        4/5* HOTELS



        What are Dental Crowns?

        A dental crown is a cap-like restoration that is custom-made to cover a damaged or decayed tooth. It is typically made of porcelain, ceramic or metal and its purpose is to restore teeth shape, size, strength, and appearance.

        Do You Actually Need Dental Crowns?

        Crowns are not always the best solution for aesthetic or functional purposes, and even if they are, it doesn’t mean you should get them immediately.Orthodontics might be highly recommendable beforehand, or even necessary to ensure life-lasting results.

        Dental crowns might be a good option if you want to:

        🦷 Restore broken or severely worn down teeth
        🦷 Protect weakened teeth from breaking or cracking
        🦷 Cover a dental implant
        🦷 Hold a dental bridge in place

        Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns in Turkey

        Turkey received 150,000 dental tourists in 2019.

        Here’s the main factors contributing to Turkey’s growing reputation for dental tourism:

        Turkey has a modern healthcare system, with more doctors per capita than any other European nation. Many of its dental clinics are accredited by international organizations such as ISO.

        Qualified Professionals

        Turkish dentists are educated in the latest advancements. Due to high demand, they are also among the most experienced in Europe.


        Turkish clinics include extensive aftercare and close nursing contact during healing. Patients also receive constant follow-up after they return back home.


        Turkey renders dental crowns accessible for a wider public by offering affordable dental treatments.

        Proximity to Europe

        Istanbul is less than 4h away from all European capitals

        But you’ve guessed it: it is not all just positive. Patients should also consider the disadvantages of getting dental crowns in Turkey:
        One of the cons is the language barrier

        Patients should choose an English-speaking dentist for correct communication


        Patients coming from the US or Australia will need to travel long distances

        Second Treatment

        if revision surgery is needed, patients will have to come back to Turkey

        Dental Crowns in Turkey: 2 Surprising Examples 🤯

        As a dental clinic, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is: do dental crowns look natural?

        To answer this, we propose a simple test. Below, you will find 2 smiling women. One has natural teeth, while the other wears crowns. Can you tell which is which?   

        Choosing Dental Crowns: The Beauty or The Beast?

        Dental crowns provide solutions for function and beauty purposes. Choosing one over the other will greatly affect results through teeth shaving, durability, aesthetics and pricing.

        The final decision is always yours, but we went to school to answer all your questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

        Here is all you need to know to choose the best dental crowns in Turkey:

        1. Porcelain Crowns: The Economic 💰

        Porcelain crowns consist of a metal foundation coated with porcelain. They are the most cost-effective option, natural and aesthetically pleasant. If proper care is taken, they will be durable and provide a long-term solution.

        • Pros:

        👍🏼  Affordable

        👍🏼  Durable (10-15 years)

        👍🏼  Natural

        • Cons:

        👎🏼 Not as Strong

        👎🏼 Not as Durable

        2. Emax Crowns: The Beauty🐩

        Emax crowns are the highest craftmanship in dentistry. Made of lithium disilicate glass, they shine like the moon and look pretty natural while remaining strong and durable. Porcelain can be layered on them, which further makes them the most beautiful option.

        • Pros:

        👍🏼  Strong

        👍🏼  Durable (15-20 years)

        👍🏼  Natural

        👍🏼  Don’t stain

        • Cons:

        👎🏼 More Expensive

        👎🏼 Not as Strong as Zirconium

        3. Zirconium Crowns: The Beast 🐊

        Built to resist! Zirconium crowns are almost impossible to crack. They are 3 times stronger than porcelain, which explains why they are the most durable option. Made of zirconium dioxide, they are also natural-looking and do not stain.

        • Pros:

        👍🏼 Strongest

        👍🏼 Most Durable (20+ years)

        👍🏼 Natural

        👍🏼 Don’t stain

        • Cons:

        👎🏼 Most Expensive

        👎🏼 Not as Pretty as Emax

        4. Laminate Veneers – The Very Economic 💰

        Veneers are not crowns, strictly speaking. They are a façade placed in front of your teeth for aesthetic purposes, without covering the tooth completely. They do not provide a solution for dental problems in terms of functionality, but they are economical and look very good.

        • Pros:

        👍🏼 Cheaper than crowns

        👍🏼 Good-looking

        • Cons:

        👎🏼 Not as durable

        👎🏼 Not as pretty

        👎🏼 Not as functional

        5. Silver & Gold Tooth Cap – The Bling-Bling ⚱️

        For bling-bling stravaganza. Rappers have turned silver and gold crowns into a fashionable item. Gold and silver are also the noblest metals, which means they are extremely durable and functional.

        • Pros:

        👍🏼 Very Durable

        👍🏼 Very Strong

        • Cons:

        👎🏼 Looking like a pirate

        👎🏼 Trouble finding jobs?

        Free Smile Simulation

        This could be helpful, it’s a service we deliver for free. A smile simulation can give you a very accurate idea of how you will look after the operation.

        To receive a free simulation, simply smile and send us a picture. This will also give you the chance of comparing and contrasting different crowns.

        Jaw-Dropping: Cost of Dental Crowns in Turkey

        Getting dental crowns in Turkey costs an average 70% less than in Europe or the US. You can check our table below to get a more precise estimate.

        The cost of zirconium crowns in Turkey is an average $130-$250 per crown, while in the UK the $550-$900 bracket is the only price range they are found.

        Bear in mind: prices can greatly vary depending on the type of crown and the quantity required. The more crowns you require, the bigger the discount will be. The price difference with regards to Turkey remains equivalent.

        Should you want to know the exact price of dental crowns in Turkey, including a personalized treatment plan and quote, we can do that for you, freely.

        Why are Dental Crowns Cheaper in Turkey?

        The main reason behind the cheaper price of dental crowns in Turkey is actually currency exchange, as it brings down adjacent costs such as labour, rent and equipment.

        Other factors include high competition in the sector and tax exemptions, the main form of government subsidies to the medical industry.

        The reason is very straightforward. At Care in Turkey, we do not produce zirconium, emax or porcelain materials. We get crowns shipped from Switzerland and Germany by Ivoclar and other high-quality partners.

        In other words, we get the same prices and discounts for our products as any other clinic elsewhere.

        Dental Crowns in Turkey Before & After

        Famous ex-footballer Itzik Zohar and many of our patients wouldn’t have chosen us if our results weren’t excellent. Images speak louder than words!

        Dental Crowns Testimonials and Case Studies

        Our knowledge about facial proportions is the secret of our know-how. We examine the particularities of your face and create a greater balance between your unique features. We are not the ones to say that. They are!


        Every case is different and no two people are alike. That’s the philosophy of our know-how. But don’t take our word for it, take our patient’s!

        Procedure & Stages: The 4 🅿️’s of Dental Crowns in Turkey

        Traveling for a tummy tuck in Turkey is enough of an adventure already as it is. That’s why take care of you all throughout your journey.

        1. Planning & 3D Design 🧑🏻‍💻

        While at home, your medical provider will receive your mouth pictures and X-ray scans. This will allow the dental team to establish a free treatment plan, including the total cost of travel, with transport and hotel accommodation. This is a service we deliver for free.

        2. Preparation: Mouth Topography 🚑

        After you arrive in Istanbul, we pick you up at the airport and drive you to the hotel, first, and then to our clinic. We will carry out a second consultation and full analysis of your buccal topography. We will listen to your expectations and meet them the best we can.

        3. Procedure: Getting Dental Crowns in Turkey 🏥

        This is the crowning stage. Lay back and relax while we carry out the procedure. The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, which means it is painless, fast and seamless. When completed, we drive you back to the hotel and help you throughout your recovery.

        4. Preservation 👩🏻‍⚕️

        Proper aftercare can make a big difference in terms of how long results last for. You must wash your teeth properly and take care of oral hygiene. Don’t worry, we will remain at your complete disposal after you return back home for follow-up and all you may require. If you grind your teeth, make sure you wear the night guards we will give you!

        Cost of Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

        While acquiring the same German and Swiss products (certified and verified), the price of zirconium crowns in Turkey remains an average 70% less expensive than in the UK or US. This includes:

        Are You Eligible for Dental Crowns in Turkey?

        Not everyone is a good candidate for dental crowns. Factors such as jaw bone density, smoking, and medical history can jeopardize the success of the operation. When consulting a dental professional, it might be determined that crowns are not the right option for you.

        This would only happen for the patient’s own safety. Refusal criteria may include:

        Should you want to determine if you can get dental crowns in Turkey, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

        Alternatively, you can get virtual assistance by taking this test

        Risks of Dental Crowns ⚠️ This is Important

        Placing teeth crowns is not a dangerous procedure. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t risks associated with it.

        Just like any other medical procedure, patients should calmly consider the following before undergoing treatment. Possible consequences may include:

        Getting dental crowns in Turkey doesn’t involve major risks, but it is a non-reversible procedure.

        We suggest you ponder over this fact carefully before giving your medical consent. A thorough dental analysis will be necessary to determine whether you are suitable for the procedure, and whether it is recommendable for you.

        Benefits of Dental Crowns in Turkey ⚠️

        Our aim is to take care of your healthy teeth and make the necessary corrections to increase balance, beauty and functionality.

        Patients who found the greatest benefits from dental crowns in Turkey were:

        People with cavities in their mouth

        People who wanted to improve their smile

        Patients who wanted a jaw to crack the toughest nuts 🥜

        You can get the highest quality treatment for affordable prices. Our patients share one thing in common: no regrets.

        Dental Crowns in Turkey: a Nutcracking Experience 🥜

        Getting teeth crowns in Turkey can change your life… or it can just change your teeth.

        Discovering new reasons to smile might not be for you, and that’s fine.

        But if it is, Istanbul can offer you much more than just dentistry.

        Is It Safe To Have Dental Crowns In Turkey?

        To be sure, there are good and bad professionals, just like anywhere else! Turkey is no exception to this rule.

        With one aggravated aspect: the Turkish medical industry has flourished in the last years, and wherever there are great business opportunities, there’s also great scammers.

        ⚠️ The thousands of patients flying in on a monthly basis have led to dubious companies based in Turkey to create unaccredited establishments alluring prospective customers by projecting an image of legality and professionalism online.

        Rest assured, Istanbul is home to outstanding medical establishments. But you must divide the wheat from the chaff.

        After a thorough investigation, you can make a calm, informed choice. Then, getting dental crowns in Turkey will be as safe as in any other quality establishment.

        To stay on the safe side, we encourage you to verify first of all that your chosen medical provider is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

        You should not be contempt with an online banner, as it may be spurious. For maximum security, you should contact the General Directorate of the Ministry of Health and check if the company appears in its registry.

        Dental Crowns in Turkey All Inclusive Package

        Traveling abroad for medical purposes is enough of a fuzz already as it is. That’s why we provide everything for you, so you can fully enjoy the experience!

        Our Medical Travel Packages include:

        ✅ Complete Treatment in Care in Turkey’s Dental Clinic

        ✅ Operation by Dr. Mevlüt Yazici

        ✅ Hotel Accommodation in a 4/5* Hotel (your preference)

        ✅ 12-Month Follow-Up

        ✅ All Private Transportation in Istanbul

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How Long Do Dentals Crowns Last For?

        It depends of the type of crown. Zirconium crowns are extremely resistant and almost impossible to crack. If you don’t chew screws, they might last for a life time. By proper care we mean: use a night guard to prevent griding, and don’t do boxing – or not too often.

        What is Better: Porcelain Teeth or Zirconium?

        There is no right or wrong answer, it depends on your budget and how long you want your crowns to last for. Zirconium crowns are more expensive, but they are also more resistant. It will be for you to decide.

        Can Dental Crowns Be Applied to Treat Crooked Teeth?

        Yes, dental crowns can be used to straighten teeth and cover multiple or a single crooked tooth.

        Is the Procedure Painful?

        The whole dental crowns in Turkey process will be carried out while on local anaesthesia, which means it is completely painless. You might

        Are Dental Crowns Worth It?

        Depending on your situation, they can improve your life tremendously. We can give you our professional advice, but you should make your own research and judge by yourself. This is undeniable: dental crowns are 70% less expensive in Turkey and have the same quality as in Europe or the US. If you choose a certified, accredited clinic, it should be a good investment.

        Are Dental Crowns Expensive?

        We could turn the question around: is having a good appearance expensive? is chewing and speech capability expensive? Does that have a price? This being side, the price can vary a lot depending on brand and number of crowns. Contact us to receive a free quote.

        What are the Disadvantages of Dental Crowns?

        The main disadvantage is their cost, but this is not so in Turkey. You should also consider the risks of the procedure: nerve damage, or abrasion of the surrounding teeth due to negligence on the dentist’s side.

        Does Coffee Stain Dental Crowns?

        If you don’t take proper care of your crowns, they will eventually get stained, particularly if they are made of porcelain and you drink a lot of coffee. Zirconium crowns do not stain, however.

        Can Dental Crowns Fall Out?

        If the tooth beneath the crown, serving as anchor, or the implant, are not conveniently placed, or if the bone or gum tissue are poor, dental crowns may fall out.

        What toothpaste is good for dental crowns?

        Every dentist has their own favourite fetish brand. We recommend using pharmaceutical products if you have high gum sensitivity. If not, we suggest you try different brands and settle for your favourite. Ours is Marvis.

        How do I keep my dental crowns white?

        You should avoid any exaggerate consumption of cigarettes, coffee, tea or other drinks and food that stain teeth. Alternative methods include using a guard and using a good toothpaste.

        How do you take care of crowns?

        If you grind your teeth, we vividly recommend using a night guard. Alternatively, all usual teeth caring techniques apply, such as hygiene habits, not smoking, and a yearly visit to the dentist.

        Can dental crowns break?

        Everything can break. Even the toughest zirconium crown. If you don’t chew screws or do Muay Thai, however, this is practically impossible. They will probably fall off instead, this is, if you have poor gum or bone tissue.

        Do dental crowns look natural?

        Dental crowns in Turkey are manufactured to look as natural as possible. After decades of perfectioning the art and science, they are almost impossible to recognize from a real tooth.

        Are electric toothbrushes OK to use on crowns?

        Yes, electric toothbrushes are usually better, they offer a more professional, in-depth cleaning.

        How Long Do You Stay in Turkey for Dental Crowns?

        That depends: how long can you stay to enjoy an amazing Mediterranean country, with its food and monuments? If you’re only interested in medical traveling, and not tourism, 3 days would be enough: the arrival day, the operation day and the return after a last check-up.


        Dr. Mevlüt Yazıcı

        Dr. Mevlüt Yazici is a prosthetic and esthetic periodontologist, member of the Turkish Association of Gnathology and Prosthetics, member of the Ivoclar Esthetic Dentistry Association and a researcher with a reputed academic background as lecturer at Marmara University.

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