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        Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

        Your Guide to Safe Dental Restoration

        Time will gradually deteriorate even the strongest teeth. To make matters worse, dentists are terribly expensive and dental treatments are not covered by insurance. What to do?

        Zirconium crowns in Turkey give you the option of solving dental problems for life, grating everyone access to experienced dentists while saving 70% of the price.

        The Medical Journey at a Glance

        Due to currency exchange, the price of zirconium crowns in
        Turkey attracts Europeans, and even Australians and American to get treated in Istanbul. All while enjoying ultra-modern facilities and internationally-licensed dentists.

        Surgery Time

        1-5 HOURS


        If you don’t chew screws, up to 20 years!

        Time in Turkey

        3-4 days

        Implant Guarantee

        10+ Years


        4-5 Stars Hotels All-Inclusive


        Private driver

        Why Zirconium Crowns in Turkey?

        Turkey has stood out in recent years due to the quality of its medical facilities and personnel. Istanbul in particular has seen hospitals and clinics blooming all throughout the city, currently ranking amongst the most modern in the world.

        The Turkish medical industry has risen up to become one of the most advanced in the world due to its high profitability for patients and doctors and a simultaneous combination of factors:

        • Massive inflow of foreign patients attracted by cost-effectiveness (up to 700,000 per year)
        • Government subsidies and tax exemptions to the medical industry
        • Heavy foreign investment, particularly from the US and Arab countries

        The sheer volume of treatment performed each day has also led Turkish dentists to become some of the most experienced in the world on an overall basis.

        More than 100,000 foreign patients choose to get zirconium crowns in Turkey every year through a triple magic formula: affordable prices, avantgarde facilities and experienced dentists.

        What are Zirconium Crowns?

        Zirconium crowns constitute a cosmetic procedure carried out to improve chewing, enhance jawline, maxillary structure, and to allow a full smile. Zirconium crowns are currently the most popular choice due to 2 reasons:

        1. They are almost impossible to crack: zirconium crowns are at least 3 times stronger than porcelain. Made out of zirconium dioxide, they also are the most durable in the market.
        2. They are natural-looking: made out of zirconium dioxide, the material perfectly resembles natural teeth. Zirconium is shiny, good-looking and does not stain.

        Zirconium Crowns Turkey Before & After

        Few experiences are more gratifying than smiling and radiating happiness. Here are some of the people we’ve helped. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

        Types of Zirconium Crowns Available in Turkey

        Based on the diagnosis and your clinical case, our dentists will advise you on what option will provide the best results as a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

        Here are the best types of zirconium teeth in Turkey:
        Porcelain Veneered Zirconium Crowns (“Zirconium porcelain crowns Turkey”)

        Commonly referred to as zirconium porcelain crowns in Turkey, these are tooth caps with an internal structure in zirconium (white metal), with a thin high-resistance ceramic layer covering it.

        Monolithic Zirconium Crowns (full contour, or anatomical crowns)

        Monolithic zirconium crowns, or “full anatomical” have a reduced quantity of alumina stabilizer (from 0.25% to 0.05%), which increases transparency allowing us to use it in its individual component (without ceramic).

        Multilayered Zirconium Crowns

        Multilayered zirconium crowns have a zirconium base and ceramic coating. They were introduced as a substitute for metal. Their greatest benefit is the higher aesthetic appeal.

        The Procedure: Getting Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

        The whole process of undergoing zirconium crowns in Turkey requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail. All booking and organization will be done by us on our behalf, according to your preference and personal instructions.

        Here are the main 4 steps of getting zirconium crowns in Istanbul:

        1. Initial consultation and dental examination

        While at home, we will conduct a careful online examination of your mouth topography and establish a personalized treatment plan for free. This will include the total price of your zirconium crowns in Turkey.

        2. Tooth preparation and impression taking

        Upon arrival on Istanbul, we will pick you up to the airport, drive you to the hotel. As we first drive you to the clinic, we will make all necessary preparations, X-ray, examinations and tests to ensure a seamless procedure.

        3. Designing and fitting of temporary crowns

        Once we have tailored the crowns to fit you like a glove, we will carry out the procedure under local anesthesia, place dental implants and place temporary crowns until healing has taken place.

        4. The final placement of zirconium crowns

        Once the necessary time has gone by, we will meet you again to place your final zirconium crowns where they belong. We will remain in contact with you and provide free 12-month follow-up to ensure all goes as planned.

        Cost of Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

        While acquiring the same German and Swiss products (certified and verified), the price of zirconium crowns in Turkey remains an average 70% less expensive than in the UK or US. This includes:

        • The whole operation cost
        • Accommodation during your entire stay
        • Free medical insurance
        • 10+ year guarantee
        • All inner-city transfers with a private driver
        • All medications and aftercare
        • 12-month follow-up

        To give you a rough estimate, whereas the price of zirconium crowns in Turkey ranges from £140 to £230 per unit, the exact same German or Swiss product, their cost is from £600 to £800 in the UK or between $1,500 and $2,000 in the US.

        To establish the exact cost of zirconium crowns in Turkey, we need to know what kind of product you require, how many crowns, your travel preferences, and else. We provide this information for free.

        If you want a personalized treatment plan, including the complete price of your zirconium crowns in Turkey, just click below:

        Patient Testimonials: Success Stories of Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

        Watch Itzik Zohar, an international football superstar, get treated with us in Istanbul!

        We have a reputation to maintain, and strive every day to give you the treatment you deserve!

        Is it safe to get crowns in Turkey?

        Istanbul has become one of the best places in the world to get zirconium crowns. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t scammers and bad professionals, just as anywhere else. That’s why we insist on making sure that your medical provider is duly qualified and has an extensive record of successful operations.

        In order to do so, we recommend you to verify whether your dentist of choice is certified by the Turkish ministry of Health, and whether he or she complies with ISO standards. Make your own research, gather second opinions before making a choice. If you follow such precautions, your zirconium crowns in Turkey will be a safe, successful choice.

        Planning Your Dental Trip to Turkey

        Is it worth getting zirconium crowns in Turkey? What about all the traveling, stress and whatnot?

        As far as travel arrangements go, you must only worry about one thing: choosing your preferred dates. We can take care of absolutely everything else on your behalf: hotel accommodation, translators (if needed), drivers, bookings… even sightseeing.

        You might want to let us take care of all the fuzz because:

        • We partner with the best hotels, offering special discounts to our patients
        • We have extensive in-field knowledge
        • You might want to just lay back, relax and receive the full VIP treatment

        Should you want us to establish your travel itinerary:

        Zirconia Crowns After Care

        Zirconium is the most durable material available for crowns, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of it. Just as normal teeth, ensuring good hygiene habits is key to avoid infections and bad breath.

        Zirconium is also highly resistant to staining, but excessive tea, coffee and smoking can lead to de-coloring and yellowing.

        If you follow simple daily care habits, zirconium crowns will prove to be much easier to maintain than normal teeth, or any other crown material. Should you want to receive detailed information about the aftercare and durability of our products:

        Dr. Mevlüt Yazıcı
        Head of Dentistry at Care in Turkey

        Dr. Mevlüt Yazici is a prosthetic and esthetic periodontologist, member of the Turkish Association of Gnathology and Prosthetics, member of the Ivoclar Esthetic Dentistry Association and a researcher with a reputed academic background as lecturer at Marmara University.

        Dr. Yazici obtained his periodontology PhD in the Department of Prosthetic and Esthetic Dentistry, specializing in advancements in zirconium crowns. He continued his research while lecturing during 2011-2017 at Marmara University.

        With more than 10 years of experience as a medical practitioner, Dr. Mevlüt has operated over +1000 patients as a maxillofacial periodontologist between 2012-2020.

        In 2020, Dr. Mevlüt partnered to found his own Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology Clinic through which he operates overseas patients from diverse backgrounds with Care in Turkey.

        Free Medical Insurance

        Surgery in Turkey, with complete security.

        Find all the information here:

        We Are Waiting for You!

        What are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity and get zirconium crowns in Turkey, saving up to 70% and securing a VIP treatment!
        Including all of the following:

        • Accommodation
        • Private Driver
        • Medical Insurance
        • 12-month Follow-Up
        • Aftercare
        • All medication

        On top of that, we are willing to give you generous discounts for any additional treatment you might want: hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery, whether for you or your loved ones coming with you to Istanbul.

        Let us arrange everything for you and return back home with a brand-new smile!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is zirconia?

        Zirconium is the chemical element with atomic number 40. It is a hard, white-grey transition metal whose appearance resembles that of titanium. Zirconium oxide is used in dentistry as a material for the construction of fixed prostheses.

        How long do zirconia crowns last?

        Depending on the care you take of them, the quality of the dentist’s work and material, and whether you do boxing or Muay Thai, they may last for 20+ years.

        Are zirconium crowns strong?

        Zirconium is the strongest and most durable crown material currently in the market.

        Are zirconium crowns good for my deep bite?

        Some types of zirconia adapt better to the different jaws and bites. In the case of a deep bite, we recommend full contour zirconia.

        Why are zirconia crowns so cheap in Turkey?

        The relatively lower price of zirconium crowns in Turkey depends on 4 factors mainly: lower currency exchange, lower operational costs, government subsidies to the medical tourism sector, and strong competition.

        What are the downsides of zirconia crowns?

        Zirconia is an expensive material compared to other crowns, such as ceramic or porcelain. Also, if they are not coated, they are less shiny and good looking, even though they are stronger and more durable

        Can zirconium crowns crack?

        Everything can crack. However, you will have to try hard, as in chew screws or join a hardcore muay thai competition.

        Is zirconia good for front teeth?

        In the case of front teeth, a type of crown called framework zirconia is often employed, usually built up on a bridge structure. This allows for the best appearance and functionality.

        Can you bite an apple with crowns?

        Yes, biting apples or any other food is perfectly possible.

        Can I chew gum with zirconia crowns?

        Yes, chewing gum is not an issue.

        How do you keep zirconia crowns white?

        To keep zirconium crowns white, you should follow the exact same hygiene habits as with normal teeth. Not drinking too much tea or coffee, not smoking in excess, and brushing regularly.

        How long does it take for zirconium crowns to settle?

        While at first the new crowns will not feel natural, patients can usually expect to fully adapt to the new set of teeth 2 weeks after the operation.

        Are dentists in Turkey safe?

        Turkey is full of highly experienced dentists who carry out outstanding work. But there are also bad dentists who project an image of professionalism while not even being properly licensed. Just as anywhere else, you will have to make your own research and choose based on reviews, consultation, before and afters, certifications and instinct.

        Can You Be Allergic To Zirconia Crowns?

        Until now, there are now recorded cases of zirconium allergy, but it is not impossible for it to happen.

        Can zirconia crowns be offered to people with gingival disease?

        Yes, gingival disease is one of the most popular reasons behind the operation, on top of a proper treatment of the condition.

        Does Zirconium Smell In The Mouth?

        No, circonium has no recognizable smell. At least not to the human nose.

        How many days does the zirconia crown treatment take in turkey?

        The treatment can be completed in a single session, in one day. However, zirconium crowns may need implant placement beforehand, in which case a first session must take place, and a waiting period of approximately 6 months to allow healing.

        Do zirconia crowns stain?

        It depends on the amount of tea, coffee or cigarettes that is consumed. Generally, the material is almost impossible to stain, but it all depends on the degree of excess and bad habits.

        Are zirconium crowns good?

        Many would argue that they are the best material currently in the market.

        Are zirconium crowns worth it?

        We would say they are, but it is in our own interest. What we can guarantee is that they are worth much more than they cost in Turkey. You get the same Swiss-made or German-made products, and dentists as highly qualified as the best in Europe, for 70% less

        Can I eat normally with a zirconia crown?

        Yes, the whole point of zirconium crowns is to allow for the best aesthetical appearance while at the same time meeting all functionality performances.

        Does coffee stain zirconia crowns?

        Depending on how much coffee you consume, yes, it can stay after a period of time.

        Do zirconium crowns look natural?

        Yes, they are the most popular material due to a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Greater naturality is achieved through porcelain coating.

        Can you fly after getting a crown?

        Yes, flying is perfectly fine after the operation.

        Do you brush zirconia crowns?

        Yes, all normal hygiene habits must carry on to avoid infections and faster deterioration.

        Can zirconium crowns fall out?

        Everything can fall out. But you will have to try hard, for example, chewing screws of engaging in bar brawls.

        Why are my zirconia crowns turning yellow?

        New dental crowns might turn yellow for several reasons, including they are not ceramic, damage to the surface when adjusting the crowns, and damage to the crowns during a dental cleaning.

        How much is a full set of zirconia crowns?

        The price can greatly vary according to the country, clinic, dentist, type of zirconia and other factors. To know the full cost of zirconium crowns in Turkey, you can contact us for a free online consultation and receive a quote for free.

        Can I get zirconia crowns on multiple teeth at once?

        Yes, you can get several zirconium crowns on several teeth in a single sitting at the dentist.

        Can Zirconia Crown Be Applied In The Treatment Of Crooked Teeth?

        Yes, crooked teeth treatment is one of the most popular reasons behind the operation.

        Do zirconia crowns cause discoloration in future?

        Zirconium is a material know for its high resistance to discoloration. However, excessive tea, coffee or smoking can certainly lead to stains after a period of time.

        How Long Can I Use Zirconia Crowns?

        Crowns may be used for as long as they are durable. If proper hygiene habits are maintained, they may be used for 20+ years. Zirconium is the most durable crown material currently available.


        Dr. Mevlüt Yazıcı

        Dr. Mevlüt Yazici is a prosthetic and esthetic periodontologist, member of the Turkish Association of Gnathology and Prosthetics, member of the Ivoclar Esthetic Dentistry Association and a researcher with a reputed academic background as lecturer at Marmara University.

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