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Smile Design in Turkey

Hollywood Smile, Having a shiny, perfect set of white teeth is not about vanity at all. Shown by different studies, healthy-looking teeth make a person look attractive. In any social setting, no one would say that having good looking teeth decreases their chances. Quite the contrary.

Anyone who wants to have a more beautiful smile can achieve that dream thanks to modern technological advancements. As a result, anyone can have a smile known as the Hollywood smile. In simple words, it is the dentist’s creative technique of creating a set of perfectly straight and symmetrical teeth.

This type of smile provides a completely natural look. If you want to benefit from the smile design, which is popular in Turkey in recent years, you do not need to take a long leave from work or social life. In the hands of a highly skilled dental team, this well-recognized dental clinic will provide you with a first-class experience.

How Long the Process Lasts

You made an appointment with the dental clinic in Istanbul and said that your teeth are bothering you. If you want a Hollywood smile, Istanbul is one of the best possible choices for you. Here, you will receive the best treatment possible. Your dentist will examine your oral and dental health by sitting in the examination chair before examining your teeth.

This is how you can understand your dental problems and what you need as an aesthetic practice. After the surgery, you will be able to smile with a beautiful smile instead of your old crooked teeth. After the procedure is complete, you will be able to get all the information about your new teeth from your dentist.

Everyone’s journey is different. The reason for this is that the processes needed in this regard differ from person to person. To begin with, the patient should be treated if he is having trouble. If they are, their doctors will immediately work on eliminating the problem. Overall, a tough estimate of the total length would depend on what kind of treatment the patient prefers.

Advantages of a Hollywood Smile

Because of the benefits of having a Hollywood smile, the application is very popular recently. Communication between patient and doctor is crucial when it comes to matching expectations with this smile. The physician should be able to evaluate the treatment outcome and the patient’s expectations and understand the patient’s expectations.

Fortunately, the specialist doctors of our clinic can perform this surgery effectively. The design is determined in advance, the patient’s approval is obtained, and the design is applied continuously. It is possible to get perfect results with this method.

Thank to this practice, both visually appealing and symmetrical teeth is achievable. Your teeth and gums will have a fresh healthy look. Choose the right smile for your face type and facial shape to give you a youthful look. As long as the program takes the user’s wishes into account, it is feasible to be 100% happy. It is no longer a cause of self-doubt when it comes to dentistry and dental difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions Smile Design

Is Hollywood Smile suitable for me?
It depends on a dentist’s diagnosis, yet usually hollywood smile is a treatment accessible for everyone at anycase. During the diagnosis, the dentist will determine if you need treatment such as gingivectomy, filling, root canal treatment, implant/All in 4 to get the results that you are looking for.
Why Should I Get A Hollywood Smile in Turkey?
Dental treatment in Turkey is common for multiple factors such as the ratio quality/price is suitable and accessible for anyone, laboratories in Turkey are dedicated to inleach new techniques and solutions for any aesthetic problem and last, Turkey is a touristic destination so why not enjoy the country while getting Hollywood smile?
Does the Hollywood Smile Treatment Hurt?
The answer is no. It is a complete free-pain procedure. Our dentists are well experienced and the procedures go smoothly every time. Additionally our hospital offers a luxurious service that includes transfert, Hotel and customer care.