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        Forehead Lift Surgery in Turkey: Quality Care at Affordable Cost

        Understanding Forehead Lift

        A forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure that aims to raise sagging eyebrows and reduce forehead area wrinkles. This procedure rejuvenates the upper face, restoring a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

        Forehead Lifting Turkey at a Glance

        Time in Turkey

        7 Days

        Surgery Time

        1-3 Hours

        Stay in Hospital

        1-2 Nights


        6-8 Week


        4/5* Hotels


        Private Driver

        The Surgical Process: From Incision to Tightening

        Forehead lift surgery involves making small incisions along the hairline or in the scalp. Through these incisions, the surgeon tightens loose skin and muscles, repositions the eyebrows, and removes any excess tissue. The specific technique used varies based on individual needs and desired outcomes.
        Cosmetic surgeon making marks on facelift in Turkey patient's face to prepare surgery
        Benefits of Facelift in Turkey

        Achieving a Youthful Look: How Forehead Lift Reduces Wrinkles and Sags

        A forehead lift smoothens the forehead skin, lifts drooping eyebrows, and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This results in a more youthful, alert, and pleasant facial expression.

        Comparing Forehead Lift and Facelift

        A forehead lift and a facelift are both popular plastic surgeries, but they target different areas of the face and address distinct signs of aging.

        Here’s a comparison of the two:


        Forehead Lift


        Target Area

        Upper face: Forehead, eyebrows, upper eyelids.

        Mid to lower face and neck: Cheeks, jawline, neck.

        Aging Signs Addressed

        Drooping eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines, frown lines.

        Sagging cheeks and jawline, nasolabial folds, loose neck skin.


        Lifting/tightening forehead skin and muscles, various techniques.

        Incisions around hairline/ears, repositioning tissue, removing excess skin.


        Generally quicker, around 2 weeks for most activities.

        Longer, often several weeks for major swelling/bruising to subside.


        Elevated eyebrows, smoother forehead, more alert upper face look.

        Youthful, refreshed appearance in lower face and neck, reduction in sagging/wrinkles.

        Ideal For

        Addressing upper face aging, enhancing eye and brow region.

        Comprehensive rejuvenation of mid to lower face and neck.

        Why Choose Turkey for your Forehead Lift Surgery?

        Turkey has emerged as a premier destination for cosmetic surgery, combining quality healthcare with affordability. Forehead lift surgery in Turkey offers a blend of experienced surgeons, advanced techniques, and welcoming facilities, all at a cost that is significantly lower than in many Western countries.

        This unique combination makes Turkey an attractive option for those seeking to enhance their appearance through forehead lifting surgery.

        Plastic surgery in Turkey is generally safe when performed by qualified surgeons in accredited facilities. The country is known for its advanced medical infrastructure and competitive pricing. However, the safety of any surgical procedure, including aesthetic surgery, depends on the surgeon’s expertise and the clinic’s standards. It’s essential to research and select reputable professionals and institutions to minimize risks.

        Affordable Cost of Lift Surgery in Turkey

        One of the most compelling reasons to choose Turkey for your forehead lift surgery is the cost advantage. The country’s medical facilities offer this advanced cosmetic procedure at a fraction of the price found in the USA, UK, or Europe, without compromising on quality or safety standards.

        What is the Cost of Forehead Lift Surgery in Turkey?

        The cost varies depending on the clinic and the specific needs of the patient. Turkey offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable option for many.

        The cost of a forehead lift surgery in Turkey typically ranges from approximately $1,500 to $3,000 USD. This cost can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and the experience of the surgeon. The affordability of this procedure in Turkey, in comparison to other countries, is often attributed to the lower cost of living.

        Prominent Surgeons for Forehead Lift Surgery

        Turkey’s plastic surgery industry is backed by a team of highly skilled and internationally trained surgeons. These experts bring years of experience and employ state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the best results for forehead lift surgeries.

        Forehead Lift Before and After Pictures

        Exploring before and after pictures of forehead lift procedures can provide a clear understanding of the potential outcomes and transformations. These galleries showcase the skill and artistry of the surgeons and offer real-world examples of how a forehead lift can rejuvenate and enhance facial features. By observing these images, you can gain insights into the procedure’s effectiveness and set realistic expectations for your own results.

        Inspiring Testimonials & Reviews of Facelift in Turkey

        High Quality Care and Services in Turkey's Clinics

        Turkish clinics are known for their high standards of patient care and service. From the initial consultation through to post-surgery recovery, patients receive personalized attention and care, ensuring a comfortable and reassuring experience.

        We collaborate exclusively with high-quality, JCI-accredited hospitals in Turkey. These facilities are renowned for their exceptional standards in healthcare, ensuring that our patients receive top-tier medical care. The Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation is a hallmark of excellence in global healthcare, signifying a commitment to the highest level of safety and quality in patient care.

        The combination of high-quality medical services, affordable prices, and the allure of a cultural getaway makes Turkey a popular choice for cosmetic procedures, including forehead lifts. Patients often take the opportunity to explore the rich heritage and scenic beauty of Turkey during their recovery.

        Turkey continues to be a premier destination for plastic surgery year by year, attracting patients globally due to its high-quality, affordable medical services.

        The country’s health tourism sector, particularly in aesthetic surgeries like forehead lifts, is thriving, backed by state-of-the-art facilities and skilled medical professionals.

        Turkey’s commitment to elevating healthcare quality and its robust health infrastructure contribute to its growing reputation as a hub for cosmetic and medical procedures, blending quality, affordability, and expertise​​.

        Contact Us for Free Consultation

        For those considering forehead lift surgery in Turkey, we offer a free consultation to discuss your needs, the procedure, and all related aspects to help you make an informed decision.

        Preparing for Forehead Lift Surgery: Are You a Good Candidate?

        Ideal candidates for forehead lift surgery are those who have sagging eyebrows, deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, or frown lines between the eyebrows. Good physical health and realistic expectations are also important.

        Who is an Ideal Candidate for Forehead Lift Surgery?

        • Individuals with sagging or low-positioned eyebrows.
        • People with deep horizontal creases across the forehead.
        • Those with frown lines or furrows between the eyebrows or across the top of the nose.
        • Patients experiencing hooding of the upper eyelids.
        • Individuals with realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery.
        • Adults in good overall health, without medical conditions that impair healing.
        • Non-smokers, or those willing to quit smoking before and after the procedure.
        • People without a history of excessive scarring or keloid formation.
        • Individuals who have not achieved desired results with non-surgical treatments.

        Patients with a positive outlook and specific goals for forehead lift surgery.

        Important Considerations and Preparations Before Surgery

        Before undergoing a forehead lift, it’s essential to discuss your medical history, medications, and expectations with your surgeon. Pre-surgery instructions may include avoiding certain medications and arranging for post-surgery care.

        Repositioning the Eyebrow: Understanding the Role of Eyebrow Lift

        An eyebrow lift, which is often part of the forehead lift procedure, specifically targets the positioning of the eyebrows. It can correct a drooping brow and improve the overall appearance of the eyes and forehead.

        Temporal Lift vs Lateral Brow Lift: Choosing the Best for You

        Temporal and lateral brow lifts are variations of the procedure, each addressing different areas of the brow and forehead. Your surgeon will recommend the most suitable technique based on your facial structure and aesthetic goals.

        Healthy Expectations: Giving You An Idea Of The Potential Results

        It’s important to have realistic expectations about the results of forehead lift surgery. While the procedure can significantly enhance your appearance, it’s crucial to understand the potential outcomes and limitations.

        Recovering from Forehead Lift Surgery: Things to Expect

        Recovering from a forehead lift surgery involves a period of healing and adjustment. After the procedure, patients can expect some swelling and bruising around the forehead and eye area, which typically diminishes within the first two weeks. It’s common to experience some discomfort, which can be managed with prescribed pain medication.

        Keeping the head elevated, even while sleeping, is crucial to reduce swelling. Stitches or staples are usually removed within a week of surgery. During recovery, strenuous activities and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least a few weeks to facilitate healing.

        Patients are advised to follow their surgeon’s specific post-operative instructions closely, including attending follow-up appointments, to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. The full results of the surgery will become more apparent as the healing progresses over several weeks.


        Recovery Time: Getting Back to Work

        The recovery period varies, but most patients can return to work and normal activities within two weeks. Complete healing and final results may take several months to fully manifest.


        Managing Swelling and Bruising after Surgery

        Post-surgery, some swelling and bruising are normal and typically subside within a few weeks. Following your surgeon’s advice on care and medication will aid in a smoother recovery.


        The Issue of Numbness and Scar

        Temporary numbness around the incision sites is common. Scars are generally well-hidden within the hairline or natural contours of the forehead and fade over time.


        Taking Care at Home: Dos and Don'ts Post Surgery

        Post-surgery care includes avoiding strenuous activities, keeping the head elevated, and following specific instructions for wound care to ensure optimal healing.

        When Stitches Can Be Removed?

        Stitches or clips are usually removed within a week or two after surgery, depending on the healing progress and the technique used.

        Which Surgeries can be Combined with Forehead Lifting?

        When undergoing a forehead lift, patients often consider additional procedures to enhance the overall rejuvenation effect. Combining surgeries can address multiple areas of concern in one session, leading to a more comprehensive transformation and potentially reducing overall recovery time compared to having separate procedures.

        Here is a list of surgeries that are commonly combined with a forehead lift:

        1. Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
        2. Face Lift
        3. Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
        4. Neck Lift
        5. Bichectomy
        6. Fat Transfer to Face
        7. Eyebrow Lifting

        Each of these surgeries targets different aspects of facial aging and can complement the results of a forehead lift, leading to a more harmonious and youthful appearance.

        Frequently Asked Questions about Forehead lift in Turkey

        Can I Undergo Forehead Lift Surgery in Turkey Even if I Live Abroad?

        Yes, Turkey welcomes international patients for cosmetic surgeries, including forehead lifts, with comprehensive packages that include travel, stay, and post-operative care.

        Is Forehead Lift Surgery Painful?

        While some discomfort is expected, pain can be managed with medication. The procedure itself is performed under anesthesia for a pain-free experience.
        How Long Does the Effects of Forehead Lift Surgery Last?
        The effects of a forehead lift can last for many years. However, the aging process continues, and maintenance treatments may be required to preserve the results.
        Will the Scar Be Visible After Surgery?

        The visibility of scars after a forehead lift surgery largely depends on the surgical technique used and the individual’s healing process. In most cases, surgeons make incisions along the hairline or in the scalp, which helps conceal any scarring. With proper surgical technique and postoperative care, these scars typically become less noticeable over time. However, individual healing and scar formation can vary.


        Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Sakarya

        Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Sakarya received his medical education from Ege University Faculty of Medicine. He is a plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon. He is also ECFMG certified, which is required to practice medicine legally in the United States.

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