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        Plastic Surgery in Turkey

        Discover the excellence of Plastic Surgery in Turkey, a leading destination for Cosmetic Surgery.

        Our comprehensive guides provide insights into the safety and quality of procedures, backed by authentic plastic surgery in Turkey reviews. Learn why Turkey is increasingly chosen for its advanced techniques and skilled surgeons.

        Whether you’re considering a transformative cosmetic procedure or exploring options, our information ensures you’re well-informed about the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

        What makes plastic surgery in Turkey so appealing?

        In Turkey, plastic surgery is not just about getting medical treatment. It’s an experience that takes care of you from start to finish. Patients get support before, during, and after their surgery. This makes sure they have a good experience and are happy with their results.

        On this page, you’ll find essential information about plastic surgery in Turkey. We’ll delve into the safety of these procedures, the quality of care you can expect, and an overview of the costs. Whether you’re focused on a particular surgery or just beginning to consider your options, here you’ll discover what you need to know. This section serves as a comprehensive resource, showcasing the variety of plastic surgery treatments we offer.

        Let’s explore why Turkey is a great choice for plastic surgery. We’ll see what makes it special and what you should know before making a decision.

        Why Turkey is a Leading Destination for Cosmetic Surgery?

        Turkey has become a top choice for plastic surgery, and there are several reasons why. Here, we’ll explore why so many people choose Turkey for their cosmetic surgery needs.

        High-Quality Medical Facilities and Experienced Surgeons

        One of the main reasons people choose Turkey is its world-class medical facilities. These hospitals and clinics are equipped with the latest technology. They meet international standards for safety and quality.

        Also, Turkey’s plastic surgeons are known for their skill and experience. Many have trained internationally and are experts in the latest cosmetic surgery techniques. This combination of advanced facilities and expert surgeons ensures top-notch care for patients.

        Cost-Effectiveness of Cosmetic Surgery Turkey

        Another big draw is the cost. Plastic surgery in Turkey offers significant savings compared to many other countries. These cost savings don’t mean a compromise in quality. In fact, you can expect high-quality care at a fraction of the price you might pay elsewhere. This affordability makes a wide range of procedures accessible to more people.

        Range of Procedures Available

        Turkey offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures. Whether you’re looking for a traditional procedure like a facelift or breast augmentation, or more specialized surgeries like rhinoplasty or body contouring, you’ll find it here.

        The surgeons in Turkey are skilled in a variety of techniques, catering to a diverse set of needs and aesthetic goals. This wide range of available procedures means you can find the exact treatment you’re looking for.

        In summary, Turkey’s combination of high-quality medical care, cost-effectiveness, and a wide range of available procedures makes it a leading destination for plastic surgery. It’s a place where you can receive excellent medical care while also enjoying the cultural and scenic beauty of Turkey.

        Plastic Surgery Procedures we offer:


        Safety and Quality Standards in Turkish Plastic Surgery

        When considering plastic surgery in a foreign country, safety and quality are paramount. Turkey’s growing reputation in plastic surgery is not only due to affordability but also its commitment to high safety standards and quality care.

        Addressing Safety Concerns

        The question, “Is it safe to get plastic surgery in Turkey?” is a common and important one. Turkey has made significant strides in ensuring the safety and well-being of patients. The country’s medical facilities adhere to strict safety protocols, similar to those in Western countries.

        These measures include rigorous sterilization processes, advanced surgical techniques, and emergency preparedness. Moreover, many Turkish plastic surgeons have international training and experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their practice.

        Hospital Accreditation and Surgeon Qualifications

        The quality of Turkish plastic surgery is upheld by the accreditation of its hospitals and the qualifications of its surgeons. Many Turkish hospitals where plastic surgeries are performed are accredited by international bodies such as the Joint Commission International (JCI). This accreditation ensures that the facilities meet global standards in healthcare.

        Additionally, Turkish plastic surgeons are often members of reputable international plastic surgery societies, further validating their expertise and commitment to quality care.

        Safety Protocols and Patient Care Standards

        Turkish medical facilities are known for their comprehensive safety protocols and high patient care standards. From pre-operative consultations to post-operative care, each step is guided by protocols designed to maximize patient safety and comfort.

        These standards cover everything from patient assessment and anesthesia safety to post-surgery follow-ups and complication management. The aim is to provide a safe, comfortable, and successful surgery experience for every patient.

        In conclusion, Turkey’s plastic surgery sector is marked by its adherence to international safety and quality standards. With accredited hospitals, highly qualified surgeons, and stringent safety protocols, patients can be assured of receiving top-notch care in their pursuit of aesthetic enhancement.

        Exploring the Best Plastic Surgery Clinics in Turkey

        Criteria for Selecting the Best Clinics

        When searching for the “best plastic surgery clinic in Turkey,” consider several factors. Look for clinics with accredited facilities, experienced and certified surgeons, and positive patient reviews. Also, consider the range of services offered and the clinic’s ability to provide comprehensive care, from consultation to post-operative follow-ups.

        Highlighting Top-Rated Clinics and Their Specialties

        Turkey is home to many top-rated plastic surgery clinics, each with its own specialties. Some are renowned for advanced facial surgeries like rhinoplasty, while others specialize in body contouring procedures. We’ll highlight clinics that have gained recognition for their exceptional patient care, innovative techniques, and successful outcomes.

        Before and After Care for Each Procedure

        Understanding the importance of pre- and post-operative care is crucial. This includes guidelines on preparing for surgery and what to expect during the recovery process, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

        Patient Reviews and Testimonials

        Real Patient Experiences

        Hear from patients who have undergone plastic surgery in Turkey. Their reviews and testimonials provide real insights into their experiences, outcomes, and satisfaction levels.

        Success Stories and Before-and-After Galleries

        Visual evidence of successful surgeries can be seen in our before-and-after galleries, showcasing the transformative results achieved by our skilled surgeons.

        See how the plastic surgery costs in Turkey compare with those in other countries, highlighting the affordability of choosing Turkey for your plastic surgery needs.

        Breakdown of Costs for Various Procedures

        We provide a detailed breakdown of the costs for various plastic surgery procedures in Turkey, offering transparency and helping you plan your budget.

        Comparative Price Chart: Average Costs of Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in Turkey, USA, UK, and Germany

        Plastic Surgery Procedure Average Price in Turkey (USD) Average Price in USA (USD) Average Price in UK (USD) Average Price in Germany (USD)
        Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) $3,000 $5,500 $4,500 $5,000
        Breast Augmentation $3,500 $6,000 $5,500 $5,800
        Liposuction $2,500 $3,500 $3,200 $3,800
        Tummy Tuck $3,000 $6,500 $5,800 $6,200
        Facelift $4,000 $7,500 $6,500 $7,000
        Eyelid Surgery $2,000 $4,000 $3,500 $3,900
        Breast Reduction $3,500 $5,800 $5,200 $5,600
        Brazilian Butt Lift $3,500 $6,500 $5,900 $6,300

        Note: The prices listed are average estimates and can vary based on the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon’s experience, and the facility’s location. It’s important to consult with clinics or healthcare providers for precise pricing.

        All-Inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages

        Details on What’s Included

        Learn about our “all-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages in Turkey,” which cover everything from the surgery itself to accommodation, transportation, and aftercare.

        While in Istanbul, we take care of everything on your behalf. Our drivers pick you up, nurses remain with you, food goes to your table. Sultans weren’t treated any better.

        Here’s our standard all-inclusive package in Turkey:

        • Operation at a leading national hospital
        • Surgery by an ISAPS or EBOPRAS surgeon
        • 4/5* Hotel Accommodation
        • Private Inner-City Transportation
        • Personal Nurse at Hospital + Hotel
        • All Hospital & Aftercare Fees
        • 12-Month Follow-Up

        Benefits of Choosing All-Inclusive Packages

        Our packages offer convenience, peace of mind, and often result in significant savings. Contact us now for more information about our all-inclusive packages.

        Preparing for Your Surgery in Turkey

        We guide you through the necessary steps to prepare for your surgery, including medical evaluations and travel arrangements.

        By working in close contact with you, we will make sure you have a safe and successful experience in Turkey.

        Post-Surgery Care and Recovery in Turkey

        Facilities and Services for Post-Operative Care

        After surgery, you will wake up in a recovery room and will be closely monitored by medical staff.

        During the recovery period, you will have regular check-ups with your nurses at the hospital and hotel. They will provide all necessary care and instructions, including medication, hygiene & recommendations.

        After a final check-up with your surgeon, you will be free to return home. We will drive you to the airport and assist you for the last goodbye!

        Tips for a Smooth Recovery

        • Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions: Adhere strictly to the post-operative care guidelines provided by your surgeon. This includes taking prescribed medications, attending follow-up appointments, and adhering to activity restrictions.
        • Rest and Relax: Ensure you get plenty of rest. Avoid strenuous activities and give your body time to heal.
        • Stay Hydrated and Eat Nutritiously: Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins to aid in healing.
        • Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking can impede healing and increase the risk of complications. Alcohol can interfere with medications and recovery.
        • Manage Pain as Advised: Use pain medication as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon if you feel the pain is not manageable.
        • Care for Your Incisions: Keep surgical incisions clean and dry. Follow your surgeon’s instructions on how to care for them to avoid infection.
        • Wear Recommended Compression Garments: If advised, wear compression garments to reduce swelling and support the affected area.
        • Avoid Direct Sun Exposure: Keep surgical areas protected from the sun, as UV rays can worsen scars.
        • Stay Active (Within Limits): Engage in light activities like walking to promote blood circulation but avoid heavy lifting and vigorous exercise until your doctor gives the all-clear.
        • Stay Elevated: Depending on the type of surgery, keeping the operated area elevated can reduce swelling.
        • Be Patient with Swelling and Bruising: Understand that swelling and bruising are normal parts of the recovery process and will gradually subside.
        • Keep a Positive Mindset: Stay positive and patient. Recovery can be gradual, and it’s important to have realistic expectations about the healing process.
        • Stay in Touch with Your Medical Team: Keep open communication with your surgeon and medical team. Report any concerns or unusual symptoms immediately.
        • Hygiene and Grooming: Follow specific guidelines about showering and grooming, especially in the early stages of recovery.
        • Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends or family during your recovery period. Emotional support is also crucial for a smooth recovery.

        Remember, each type of plastic surgery may have specific recovery instructions. It’s crucial to follow the tailored advice given for your particular procedure.

        Legal and Ethical Considerations

        The legal framework and ethical standards governing plastic surgery in Turkey are designed to ensure patient safety, rights, and the highest quality of medical care. Here’s an overview:

        Legal Framework

        • Regulatory Bodies: In Turkey, the Ministry of Health is the primary regulatory body overseeing healthcare services, including plastic surgery. This includes licensing of medical facilities and practitioners.
        • Medical Licensing: Surgeons performing plastic surgery must be licensed and often have additional certifications in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This ensures they have the necessary training and expertise.
        • Hospital and Clinic Accreditation: Many plastic surgery clinics in Turkey are accredited by national and international organizations, such as the Joint Commission International (JCI), which sets global standards for healthcare quality and patient safety.
        • Patient Consent: Legal requirements in Turkey mandate informed consent for all medical procedures. Surgeons are required to inform patients about the procedure, potential risks, recovery, and any alternative treatments.
        • Data Protection and Privacy: Patient confidentiality and data protection are legally enforced, aligning with international standards like the GDPR for international patients.

        Ethical Standards

        • Patient Safety and Care: Ethical standards emphasize patient safety and quality care. Surgeons and medical staff are expected to follow best practices in pre-operative, operative, and post-operative procedures.
        • Honesty in Consultation: Ethical practice requires that surgeons provide honest, clear, and realistic information about the outcomes and risks of the surgery. Overpromising results or not disclosing risks is considered unethical.
        • Continual Professional Development: Surgeons are expected to keep up to date with the latest advancements in plastic surgery to provide the best possible care.
        • Avoiding Exploitation: Ethical guidelines stress the importance of not exploiting patients for financial gain. This includes being transparent about costs and avoiding unnecessary procedures.
        • Respect for Patients: This includes respecting patients’ decisions, privacy, and providing care without discrimination.
        • Emergency Protocols: Clinics and hospitals must have protocols for handling any emergencies or complications arising from surgery.

        Ensuring Patient Rights and Safety

        • Post-Surgery Follow-Up: Clinics typically provide comprehensive post-operative care and follow-up to monitor patients’ recovery and address any complications.
        • Legal Recourse: Patients have legal recourse in cases of malpractice or if the standard of care is not met.
        • International Patient Departments: Many hospitals have dedicated departments to assist international patients with language, legal, and cultural differences.

        In summary, the legal and ethical framework in Turkey is designed to protect patients undergoing plastic surgery, ensuring high standards of care, patient safety, and rights. Patients are encouraged to research and choose accredited clinics and qualified surgeons to further ensure a safe and successful experience.

        Our Mission

        Care in Turkey is a professional medical assistant centre based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have acquired all our experience on the international scene, offering our foreign patients fast service solutions with professionalism and singular attention. Not only on health, but also on travel, accommodation, transportation, and advice.

        With almost 1500 solution partners in health, we offer the opportunity to treat patients from all around the world by providing customized solutions to their needs.

        We are working with hospitals, laboratories, and health centres with certifications such as, JCI – Joint Commission International, TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, SKS, TS EN ISO 15189, we offer our clients the highest quality service with special facilities.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is Turkey a good country for plastic surgery?

        Yes, Turkey is considered a good country for plastic surgery due to its combination of highly qualified surgeons, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and more affordable prices compared to many Western countries.

        Why is surgery so cheap in Turkey?

        Surgery is often more affordable in Turkey due to lower labor and operational costs. Additionally, the Turkish government and private sector have invested in medical tourism, which helps keep prices competitive without compromising on quality.

        How safe is Turkey for surgery?

        Turkey is generally safe for surgery, especially in accredited hospitals and clinics that adhere to international standards of healthcare. However, as with any surgery, it’s important to research and choose qualified and experienced surgeons and facilities.

        Why is Turkey famous for surgery?

        Turkey is famous for surgery, particularly cosmetic and medical procedures, due to its high-quality healthcare services at relatively lower costs. The country’s investment in medical technology, combined with the expertise of its medical professionals, has made it a popular destination for medical tourism.

        How do I choose a plastic surgeon in Turkey?

        To choose a plastic surgeon in Turkey, look for qualifications, experience, and board certification. Check for reviews and testimonials from previous patients, and consider surgeons affiliated with accredited hospitals. It’s also important to have a thorough consultation to ensure your expectations align with what the surgeon can offer.

        Getting Started: Booking Your Procedure

        Embarking on your journey towards plastic surgery in Turkey is a significant step. Here’s how you can get started with booking your procedure at Care in Turkey:

        • Initial Research: Begin by exploring the various procedures offered. Care in Turkey provides a range of plastic surgery options, ensuring you find the treatment that best suits your needs.
        • Contact for Free Consultation: To initiate the process, you can easily reach out for a free consultation. This can be done through their website, where you can fill out a form to be contacted shortly.
        • Send a WhatsApp Message: For a more immediate response or to discuss your needs in detail, you can send a WhatsApp message directly to the clinic. This option is available on their contact page, providing a convenient way to communicate.
        • Discuss Your Needs and Expectations: During your consultation, discuss your specific needs, expectations, and any concerns you may have. This is the time to ask questions and get a clear understanding of the procedure, recovery, and costs.
        • Schedule Your Procedure: Once you are comfortable and ready to proceed, you can schedule your surgery. The clinic will assist you with selecting dates and making necessary arrangements.
        • Plan Your Trip: If you’re traveling from abroad, you’ll need to plan your trip to Turkey. This includes arranging flights, accommodation, and understanding the logistics of your stay during the surgery and recovery period. As Care in Turkey, we are arranging all travel plan for you.
        • Pre-Surgery Preparations: Follow any pre-surgery instructions given by the clinic. This may include medical evaluations, dietary guidelines, or other preparatory steps.
        • Arrive in Turkey: Upon your arrival, you’ll be welcomed and taken care of by the clinic’s staff. They will ensure you’re comfortable and well-informed about every step of your procedure.

        By following these steps, you can confidently start your plastic surgery journey with Care in Turkey, knowing you’re in capable and caring hands. Contact us for the best all inclusive packages now!


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