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Implant Treatment in Turkey

Many problems can occur in the teeth due to many reasons which lead to tooth loss. In addition to chewing and appearance problems, tooth loss causes massive jaw disruption and negatively affects people’s lives.

Artificial teeth are designed in the form of screws and roots used to treat the problem of tooth loss. These teeth look like natural teeth and fulfill their functions. The part placed in the jawbone is called the implanted tooth. Artificial teeth are implanted in the jawbone by surgery, so the empty spaces that have occurred due to tooth loss are filled. In addition, it is possible to do the procedure after a tooth extraction.

Materials used in dental implants

The materials used vary from each other in properties:

1 – Titanium: The most used material and compatible with fabrics. Titanium is the first choice of doctors, it is safe, strong and its results are effective and long lasting.

2 – Porcelain and Polymer: It is possible to use these materials for patients who do not want metallic material in their mouth. However, porcelain and polymer implants are not preferred.

3 – Zirconium: This material is used instead of titanium, because it contains metal and it is a strong material, but it is part of the ceramic category.

During the examination, your doctor will determine which material is best for your condition.

Who Can Undergo Dental Implants?

    • People whose growth phase has ended.
    • People in good general health.
    • People who do not suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure, or if the levels of these diseases are low.
    • People whose jaws allow them to have dental implants (people whose jaws do not allow them to have dental implants can use more advanced techniques to treat this problem).

    In addition, people who do not have gum disease can undergo dental implants after confirmation from the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions Implant Treatment

What are dental implants?

A procedure that uses an artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone and is used when teeth are lost.

Does age affect dental implants?

People who are aging, and even if they have moderate chronic diseases, do not have serious gum problems, are in good health, can undergo dental implants.

Do dental implants feel strange in the mouth?

Since dental implants perform the functions of the natural root, they do not give any strange sensation in the mouth.

Is it possible to experience natural chewing with dental implants?

Yes, since dental implants perform the natural functions of teeth and match the tissues, they provide a natural chewing sensation.