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Arm Lift in Turkey

It is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the back side of your arm. Excessive skin and tissue are removed, which make your arm look more attractive and more beautiful.

When a person gains so much weight, the skin slowly extends over time. When you lose weight in a fast way, your skin may not be flexible enough to get back to its normal condition. This can lead to sagging in the skin tissue. This sagging may be in your arms, thighs and down the abdomen.

An arm lift in Turkey is one of the body sculpting procedures. This type of surgery is often done after a weight loss surgery. Most people who have done a weight loss surgery are concerned with a cosmetic procedure that can reshape the body. Surgeons often perform a tightening operation at the same time as another surgery.

When Can I Perform Arm Lift Operation?

This procedure that is performed in Turkey might be suitable for you if you have lost a lot of weight recently. Usually it’s done on people who made a surgery to lose weight. You might be not satisfied on your appearance, especially if you have more folds of tissue under your arm.

These folds may cause these problems:

  • Lack of comfort due to appearance,
  • Can lead to inflammations and rashes,
  • Cleanliness problems in this area,
  • Lack of self-confidence.

During Arm Lift

Your doctor can explain the details of your operation. A plastic surgeon with a team of nurses will perform the surgery. In general, you can expect the following:

  • In most cases , you will get general anesthesia. This is to help you sleep through the operation. So you will not feel anything. Or you may get local anesthesia and medications that make you feel relaxed but awake.
  • An anesthesiologist will monitor heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs during the operation.
  • You will get antibiotics during and after the operation to prevent infection.
  • The doctor makes an incision behind your arm or inside it. Moving from under the armpit to your elbow. Or it may move partially toward your chest.
  • The doctor will remove the skin and excess fat in this area.
  • The doctor will re-connect the skin. This makes the arm shape smooth.
  • If it is planned, the doctor will perform another type of body sculpting.
  • The medical staff will put bandages on your incisions.
  • Nurses may place a tube to prevent accumulation of fluid under the incision during recovery period.

Frequently Asked Questions Arm Lift

Does The Operation Cause Damage To The Muscles of The Arms?
Since there is no surgical intervention is performed in the muscles, there is no risk of damage to the muscles of the arms.
What Are The Costs of Arm Lift?
Prices vary based on the details of operation, the hospital and the doctor who will perform the operation. The final price will be determined by the doctor after the examination.
Can The Operation Be Performed Again?
Yes, if sagging occurs again, it can be repeated.
Is There A Scar After The Operation?
There is a slight scar after the operation, but with time, this scar disappears and the skin takes its natural color.