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        Gastric Balloon in Turkey

        Gastric Balloon in Istanbul

        If traditional weight loss has not worked for you, and irreversible, invasive surgery does not convince you, a gastric balloon in Turkey might be what you are looking for. Our surgeons have solved obesity issues for +5000 patients from all cultural backgrounds.   

        Simple Guide to Gastric Balloon Abroad

        Losing weight can be extremely hard for several reasons. If you’re ready to take a big leap forward, we are here to take that big step with you. The price of a gastric balloon in Turkey makes this procedure available to everyone.

        Time in Turkey

        7 DAYS

        Surgery Time

        1-3 HOURS


        1-2 NIGHTS (if needed)


        1-2 WEEK


        4/5* HOTELS



        What is a Gastric Balloon?

        A gastric balloon is a weight loss procedure that involves placing a balloon inside your stomach to
        limit the amount of food that can be stored. The balloon is filled with saline solution or air and is
        inserted using an endoscopic procedure. 

        A gastric balloon in Turkey is a non-surgical, minimally invasive weight loss option. The idea is to
        create a sense of fullness, so you eat less and lose weight. The procedure does not require incisions
        or general anesthesia.

        What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gastric Balloon?

        A gastric balloon in Turkey is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries for a series of reasons.

        These include:

        balloons do not require incisions or general anesthesia.

        Quick Recovery

        you can usually return to your normal activities within a few days


        balloons have shown to be effective in helping patients lose weight, especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.


        balloon can be removed if needed, and the stomach returns to its original size.


        it is less expensive than other weight loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

        You should also consider the negative sides to the procedure:

        Like any medical procedure, the procedure carries some risks. We will go through them in detail below.

        Short-Term Results

        Gastric balloons stay in place for 6 months, and must then be removed. Weight loss achieved may not be sustained.

        Nausea and Vomiting

        You may experience nausea and vomiting after the procedure.

        Dietary Restrictions

        You must follow strict dietary guidelines to avoid complications and ensure the best results.

        Unpredictable Results

        As with any weight loss procedure, results can be unpredictable and may vary from person to person.

        Gastric Balloon in Turkey Before and After

        Losing +90 pounds can have a tremendous impact on all aspects of your life. This results from an overall energy boost, greater confidence & self-esteem.

        Types of Gastric Balloon in Turkey

        Your surgeon will recommend the best option for you based on your individual needs and health
        history. For more Obesity surgery information you can check out our Bariatric Surgery in Turkey page.

        These are some of the most common types of gastric balloons available:
        Orbera Intragastric Balloon
        The Feather-Slim 🪶 – This silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth and inflated with saline solution. It does its due for six months.
        Spatz3 Balloon – The Adjustable
        The Spatz3 is an adjustable balloon, inflated with saline solution. The amount of saline can be adjusted to change the size of the balloon.
        Obalon Balloon – Inflatable Trio
        The Obalon is a swallowable system that involves swallowing three balloons. These are inflated with air. They stay in place for six months!
        ReShape Dual Balloon – Double or Nothing
        This dual-balloon system is inserted into the stomach and inflated with saline solution. It stays in place for six months!

        How much does a Gastric Balloon cost in Turkey?

        The cost of a gastric balloon in Turkey can vary depending on several factors, including the type of balloon used, the experience and qualifications of the surgeon, and the clinic or hospital.

        On average, a gastric balloon costs in Turkey from $1,200 to $3,500, although it can vary depending on the individual case.

        Keep in mind that the price of a gastric balloon in Turkey should not be the only consideration when choosing a clinic or surgeon. The surgeon’s experience, the clinic’s reputation, and the type of care offered before and after the procedure are just as important.

        If you want to know the exact cost of your procedure:

        Are You Eligible For a Gastric Balloon in Istanbul?

        Introducing an inflating device into your stomach is not something that should be done in all cases.

        Your eligibility for a gastric balloon in Turkey depends on several factors, including:

        Body Mass Index (BMI): Gastric balloons are recommended if you have a BMI between 30 and 40.
        Weight Loss Efforts: You have tried to lose weight through diet and exercise but have not been successful.
        Medical Conditions: You will be eligible under certain medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, diabetes or high blood pressure are suitable for the operation.
        Overall Health: Gastric balloons are not recommended if you have certain health conditions, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or significant coagulation disorders.
        Age: Children and elderly people are not eligible.
        Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant you should not undergo the procedure.

        If you’re not sure whether any of these apply to you, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free online medical consultation!
        Basic Guide to a Gastric Balloon in Turkey

        Travelling abroad for weight loss surgery may seem confusing if you’re unable to visualize it. We receive new patients every week, here’s what you too will go through in all likelihood if you choose
        to have a gastric balloon in Turkey:

        1. Consultation: You will meet a healthcare provider online to discuss your weight loss goals,
        medical history, and any potential risks associated with the procedure.
        2. Travel Journey: We will take care of all reservations, such as inner-city transport and hotel
        accommodation. We work with the best partners to grant you the best discounts!
        3. The Procedure: We will drive you to the hospital, carry out all necessary medical tests and
        carry on with the operation.
        4. Monitoring: You will be monitored to ensure that you recover well. You may experience
        discomfort, nausea, or vomiting, but these symptoms will be over quickly.
        5. Follow-Up: we will stay in touch with you after you return back home to assess your progress
        and give you all necessary indications.
        6. Balloon Removal: After 6 months, the gastric will be removed through another endoscopic

        Gastric Balloon in Istanbul: Time to Heal ❤️‍ 🪶

        The healing process after having a gastric balloon can be divided into several stages, including:


        Initial recovery:

        During this time, you may experience discomfort, bloating, and nausea.
        Pain can be managed with medication and will disappear quickly.


        Adjusting the balloon

        You will now begin to adjust to the presence of the balloon in your


        Diet modification:

        You will start with a clear liquid diet and gradually progress to a full
        diet over the first few weeks. It is important to follow the diet plan!


        Monitoring for complications:

        Regular check-ups with your healthcare provider are
        important to monitor complications, such as infection or leaks.

        Weight loss:

        As your body adjusts to the balloon, you will start losing weight. However,
        this is dependent on adherence to the diet plan and lifestyle changes.

        It is important to follow the instructions provided by your surgeon at all follow-up appointments
        to ensure proper healing.

        ❗️ Potential Risks & Complications of a Gastric Balloon ❗

        A gastric balloon is considered safe, but like any medical procedure, it comes risks and potential
        complications. Some of the most common ones include:

        It is important to discuss the risks and potential complications with your surgeon. We can also
        provide you with information on how to reduce risk of these complications.

        Dr. Cemalettin Camcı
        Bariatric Surgery at Care in Turkey

        Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Camcı is a Turkish general surgeon with a specialization in bariatric surgery and a record of international awards, including US and Norwegian scholarships, surgical practices, research residencies, medical publications and over 2,000 treated patients.

        With more than 30 years of experience, Prof. Dr. Camci has worked as a medical practitioner at Rikshospitalet-Oslo, Norway’s only transplantation center, and at the Nazih Zuhdi Transplantation Institute in Oklahoma, USA.

        In 2012, Prof. Dr. Camcı was also appointed as Deputy Dean and Head of the Department of Surgical Sciences, Head of the Department of General Surgery and Operating Coordinator at Istanbul Bilim University.

        Must-Know for Gastric Balloon in Turkey

        In recent years, Turkey has experienced a tremendous rise in popularity for bariatric surgeries.

        It is important to raise awareness about the inside-outs, considering the unfamiliarity of many patients with the country and the quality of its clinics and surgeons.

        Here’s all the basic information you need regarding a gastric balloon in Turkey. Should you want to know any specifics, don’t hesitate to contact us!

        Free Medical Insurance

        Surgery in Turkey, with complete security.

        Find all the information here:

        Medical Tourism: Bariatric Surgery Abroad!

        Is It Safe to Have Gastric Balloon in Turkey?

        Gastric balloon procedures are performed in many countries, including Turkey, and can be safe if performed by a qualified and experienced healthcare professional. However, as with any medical procedure, there are risks and potential complications that must be considered (see section above).

        It is important to thoroughly research the healthcare facility and the qualifications and experience of the healthcare provider prior to undergoing a gastric balloon procedure. Additionally, it is recommended to check if the facility is accredited and meets international quality standards. For this, we always advise our patients to check whether the clinic in question is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health

        Why Travel to Turkey for a Gastric Balloon?

        There are several reasons why people might want to have a gastric balloon in Turkey, including:

        Affordable prices: Procedures in Turkey are often less expensive compared to other countries, making it available for larger populations.

        Qualified professionals: Turkey has a well-established medical tourism industry with many qualified professionals. Given the high demand, they are usually highly experienced too.

        Advanced facilities: Turkey has plenty of modern and well-equipped medical facilities that stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

        Location: Turkey is easily accessible from many countries, making it a convenient location.

        Cultural and tourist attractions: Turkey is a popular tourist destination, and many people choose to combine their medical procedure with a holiday. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you with this too!

        How Long Do I Have to Stay in Turkey for?⏰

        The length of time can vary. Typically, you can expect to spend at least 6 days in Turkey for a gastric balloon, including pre-operative evaluations, the procedure itself, and post-operative follow-up appointments.

        It is important to discuss the length of time required with your healthcare provider. We can provide you with a more accurate estimate based on your health condition and needs. If possible, we recommend you to plan for extra time to allow for greater care and follow-up.

        Our Patients Wanted You to Know This

        Turkey is known for the hospitality of its people. That’s why, while in Istanbul, we will take care of you and provide help and attention at all times.

        Our aim is to make you feel at home. For that reason, we will treat you like our family. It is in our interest to say this, but don’t take our word for it: take our patients’.

        What’s Included our Treatment Packages

        While in Turkey, we take of everything so you can lay back and enjoy the experience. Private cars will go pick you up wherever you are, food will go to your table. Sultans weren’t treated any better. Here is our standard all-inclusive package for nose job in Turkey:
        Treatment in Turkey’s National Hospital

        a hygienic medical facility with all surgery and aftercare requirements

        Internationally Recognized Surgeons

        some of the best ISAPS and EBOPRAS certified surgeons in the country

        Inner City Private Transportation

        All Istanbul rides included

        4/5* Hotel Accommodation

        For a reduced price through partnership collaboration

        All Aftercare Services

        Nursery services at the hospital and in your hotel


        we follow your progress after you return home for as long as you need

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can you travel with a gastric balloon?

        Yes, commercial flights maintain ground-level air pressure, which means there is no problem.

        How painful is a gastric balloon?

        Patients are sedated during the procedure, which means it is absolutely painless and seamless. You
        may experience a slight discomfort, that is it.

        Is a gastric balloon worth it?

        Depending on the conditions you find yourself in, we would say it is definitely worth it. For example,
        if you have repeatedly tried to lose weight with diet and exercise with little success

        How long do gastric balloons last for?

        Gastric balloons are usually in place for a period of 6 months. After this period, they are safely
        removed. Then, another balloon may be placed

        Can a gastric balloon fail?

        Yes. Patients must commit to healthy life habits after the procedure. Even though their hunger will
        be reduced as a result of the procedure, weight-loss will not be possible if they maintain abnormal
        levels of eating without equivalent exercise.

        Can a gastric balloon be permanent?

        No. A gastric balloon will be removed after 6 months, else it will deflate and won’t have results

        How much weight can I lose with a gastric balloon?

        It will depend on your level of commitment to diet and exercise. Some patients have reportedly lost
        over 100 pounds in a 6-month period. The average is 10-20 pounds.

        Who cannot have a gastric balloon in Turkey?

        A gastric balloon in Turkey is not suitable for all patients. To give you a detailed answer, we suggest
        you contact us for a free online consultation. Alternatively, you can refer to our section above: “Are
        you eligible for a gastric balloon in Turkey?”

        What is better gastric band or balloon?

        There is no right or wrong answer, it will depend on the conditions and desires of each patient. As a
        general rule, a gastric balloon is considered less invasive and safer. However, a gastric band can have
        faster, long-lasting results.

        Which is better gastric sleeve or balloon?

        Whereas gastric balloons are removed 6 months after insertion, a gastric sleeve is a permanent,
        irreversible procedure. Patients will have to ponder over such fact and make a sensible choice.

        Does your stomach shrink with gastric balloon?

        A gastric balloon reduces the amount space in your stomach, limiting the amount of food you can
        hold and reducing hunger sensation.

        How many times can you get a gastric balloon in Turkey?

        You can safely repeat a gastric balloon in Turkey for better results, in a total 12-month period. More
        than 2 times may be feasible depending on your conditions after a medical consultation

        What can you not eat with gastric balloon?

        Eating is perfectly possible, of course. But you will feel satiated after eating a much smaller quantity
        than the usual

        What can you not eat with gastric balloon?

        Eating is perfectly possible, of course. But you will feel satiated after eating a much smaller quantity
        than the usual

        Do you feel hungry with a gastric balloon?

        Yes, you will still feel hunger but will feel full much faster.

        How successful are gastric balloons?

        Depending on your level of commitment to good life habits, it can be extremely successful. On
        average, patients lose 10%-20% of their body weight in 6 months.

        How much weight do you lose in first months of gastric balloon?

        This will fully depend on your life habits, including diet and exercise. On average, patients lose 10 to
        20 pounds in a 6-month period.

        How do you sleep after a gastric balloon in Turkey?

        Laying down on your bed, closing your eyes, and counting sheep.

        Does a gastric balloon have to be removed?

        Yes, after a 6-month period has elapsed, gastric balloons are removed through endoscopy, the
        similar yet reverse procedure employed to put them in the stomach.

        Can you drink alcohol with a gastric balloon?

        Drinking alcohol in moderation will not cause any trouble whatsoever. In excess, however, you can
        experience nuisances such as failing to lose weight.

        What happens if a gastric balloon bursts?

        This happens very rarely, but it can indeed take place. No serious consequences will ensue, other
        than the weight loss effects will be lost.

        What does a gastric balloon feel like?

        You will feel different on the first few days after the procedure, but you will quickly get used to it to
        the point of not noticing the balloon at all. That is, other than feeling satiated faster.

        Can I walk after gastric balloon?

        Yes, you can walk with perfect normality.

        How sick are you after a gastric balloon?

        You may experience varying degrees of nausea and malaise for the first few hours after the
        procedure, but such symptoms will quickly disappear.

        Can you drink coffee with gastric balloon?

        Yes, drinking coffee is perfectly OK.

        Can I drive after gastric balloon?

        Yes, driving will not affect your gastric balloon in any considerable way.


        Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Camcı

        Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Camcı is a Turkish general surgeon with a specialization in bariatric surgery and a record of international awards, including US and Norwegian scholarships, surgical practices, research residencies, medical publications and over 2,000 treated patients.

        Read More


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