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Gynecomastia in Turkey

For many different reasons, men’s breasts get bigger, a condition known as gynecomastia. Mammary glands exist in both men and women, but they are usually small in men. The natural imbalance between estrogen and testosterone ratios leads to an increase in breast tissue. Gynecomastia problem, which occurs in every fifth man during puberty or after 50 years, and it is possible to notice it even in newborns.

The baby in the womb receives estrogen, which is why gynecomastia can be noticed in newborns, but this problem disappears after a short time. Gynecomastia occurs in men due to hormonal changes, and it occurs when the level of testosterone decreases more than estrogen in the body. As you age, this problem goes away when the hormonal ratios balance out again. Gynecomastia occurs in men after 50 due to low testosterone levels and increased fat. Gynecomastia, which usually occurs during puberty, leads to many psychological and social problems.

Gynecomastia Symptoms

To diagnose the condition of gynecomastia, physical examination is needed, hormonal tests, MRI and other necessary tests. However, there could be other reasons behind gynecomastia and should be researched.

Gynecomastia has other symptoms besides increased breast tissue:

  • Swollen breast tissue,
  • Sensitivity in the chest,
  • Difference in breast size,
  • Pain in the chest,
  • feel a ball under the nipples,
  • Fluid nipples.

If you notice any or all these symptoms, you should see a medical specialist to diagnose the condition in detail

Before Gynecomastia Operation

There are four levels of gynecomastia, divided according to breast size and sagging.

First level: There is no increase or sagging of the skin, the increase in breast size is limited.

Second level: No sagging skin but there is an increase in breast tissue.

Third level: In addition to the increase in breast tissue, there is sagging skin.

Fourth level: The increase in breast tissue reaches the size of the female breast, which requires surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions Gynecomastia

Can I treat gynecomastia with chemical drugs?

No, gynecomastia cannot be treated with medication. Only surgery is the best solution that guarantees the elimination of gynecomastia with permanent results.

Should I use the medical corset after the operation?

Yes, you need to wear the medical corset for a month after the operation to get the desired result and avoid sagging.

How to diagnose gynecomastia?

You can diagnose gynecomastia by doing necessary tests like blood test and hormone test, sometimes it requires genetic tests like BT, USG or MR.