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        Thigh Lift in Turkey

        Explore the benefits of a thigh lift Turkey, known for its quality care at a good price. Find out how you can transform your legs with affordable cosmetic surgery.

        What is a Thigh Lift Surgery (Thighplasty)?

        A thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery designed to improve the appearance of the thighs. During thigh lift surgery, your surgeon will remove excess skin and fat. Then tighten the remaining tissue to generate an excellent result. Liposuction may be used to remove excess fat.

        Fact: According to the 2022 American Society of Plastic Surgeons Procedural Statistics Report 9,421 thigh lift surgery performed in USA.

        Thigh Lift Turkey at a Glance

        Because of the currency exchange rates, getting a thigh lift price in Turkey is 70% cheaper. But gives you a luxurious medical experience. Here’s what you’ll get from our all-in-one medical travel packages:

        Time in Istanbul

        7 DAYS



        Hospital Stay

        1 NIGHTS


        12-MONTHS POST-OP





        woman measuring her thigh

        Thigh Lift Procedure

        Thigh Lifting procedure is a great option for patients who have loose, excess skin on their thighs due to weight loss or aging.

        As with any surgical procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations. You should understand that a thigh lift is tailored to patient’s needs for the best results.

        Thigh lift surgery overview:

        1. Initial Consultation: Our journey begins with a thorough consultation. We discuss your goals, assess your thighs, and determine the best approach for your needs. We’ll review your medical history to ensure safety throughout the process.

        2. Preparation for Surgery: Before the procedure, you’ll receive instructions on preparing. It may include guidelines on diet, medication, and what to expect on the day of the surgery.

        3. Anesthesia: Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

        4. Making the Incisions: The surgery involves making incisions in the thigh area. The pattern of these incisions depends on the specific areas being treated and the amount of excess skin to be removed. Options include incisions in the groin area, extending downward, and wrapping around the back of the thigh.

        5. Reshaping the Thighs: Your surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the thighs. And reshapes the underlying tissue to achieve firmer legs.

        6. Closing the Incisions: After reshaping, we will close the incisions with stitches. In some cases, surgeons may use liposuction alongside the thigh lift for enhanced contouring.

        7. Recovery: Some swelling and discomfort is typical. We will manage pain with medication. You will wear a compression garment to support your thighs and minimize swelling.

        8. Follow-Up Care: Regular follow-up appointments are essential to monitor your healing and ensure optimal results.

        What are the benefits of Thigh Lift in Turkey?

        A thigh lift can offer several benefits for people who are not happy with the look of their thighs. Some potential benefits of a thigh lift in Turkey include:

        • Improved body contour
        • Increased self-confidence
        • Best price-to-quality ratio
        • Improved mobility
        • Long-lasting results
        beautiful woman outer thigh

        Who is a Good Candidate for Thigh Lift in Turkey?

        Suitability for surgery depends on some factors, including your overall health, body weight, and goals. Suitable candidates for a thigh lift in Turkey include:

        • People who could not get rid of excess skin through diet and exercise.
        • People in good overall health without chronic medical conditions. For example no diabetes or heart disease.
        • People with a BMI lower than 33

        Contact us for a free online consultation. And find out if you’re a good fit for the procedure.

        Which Surgeries Can Thigh Lift Surgery Be Combined With?

        Thigh lift surgery can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to achieve more broad body contouring results. Some common surgeries combined with a thigh lift include:

        A qualified plastic surgeon can suggest the safest and best surgery combinations for your health, body type, and beauty goals. Combining surgeries means you only have one recovery time for all the procedures. But, this means more care is needed during recovery and there are more risks.

        Thigh Lift Before and After 

        Discover the remarkable transformations achieved through thigh lift surgery in Turkey. Our plastic surgery before and after gallery showcase the expertise and success of our plastic surgeons. You can get a clear vision of the potential results.

        Every photo shows a story of someone getting their confidence back and achieving their beauty goals. They show how good our surgeries are. We welcome you to look at these photos. these visual testimonials show the big changes our patients have seen. You can imagine what our skilled surgeons can do for you.

        Visit Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures Gallery

        How much does a thigh lift surgery cost?

        The price of a thigh lift changes a lot from one country to another. It can even be different in the same area. This depends on how experienced the surgeon is, the clinic, the methods they use, and other things.

        The average thigh lift surgery prices:

        • United Kingdom £4,500 – £6,000
        • United States $5,000 – $8,000
        • Europe (Average) €3,500 – €5,500

        These figures give an idea of the general price range.

        How Much does a Thigh Lift Cost in Turkey?

        On average, a thigh lift in Turkey costs about 50-70% less than in countries like the UK, the US, or Australia. In Turkey, the price is around €2300.

        What is included?

        • Hotel
        • Private transport
        • All hospital fees
        • Anesthesia
        • Aftercare at both the hospital and hotel
        • Medicines
        • 12-month follow-up.

        Still, the price in Turkey might be a bit more or less than €2000. This can depend on different things. 

        Click for a free medical travel plan of all-inclusive thigh lift.

        Preparing for Best Thigh Lift

        Before your thigh lift procedure, there are a few steps you can take to help ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

        1. Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

        Your surgeon will provide specific instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. It’s including any medications to avoid before and any necessary tests. It may be necessary to stop smoking, adjust your diet, and avoid certain supplements or medications.

        Surgeon and patient consultation

        2. Plan for thigh lift recovery

        After the procedure, you will need to take time off work and limit physical activity. Make sure you have someone to help you during the recovery period while back at home. And plan for any necessary medical equipment or supplies, such as compression garments.

        Surgeon and patient consultation

        3. Arrange transportation and aftercare

        We will take care of everything on your behalf while you are in Istanbul! But you should make some preparations for when you return home. Make sure you limit your movement by stacking up on food and arranging for transportation.

        What Should I do After Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey?

        After your thigh lift surgery, there are several steps you can take to ensure the best possible results:

        woman resting comfortable

        1. Rest and don’t exercise

        You will need to take time off work and limit physical activity. Your surgeon will give you clear instructions on how long to rest. They will tell you when you can start doing your normal activities, step by step.

        woman wearing compression garments after surgery

        2. Wear compression garments

        These will help reduce swelling and support healing. Make sure you wear these garments as directed by your surgeon.

        woman wearing compression garments after surgery
        beautiful woman caring her thighs

        3. Keep the incision site clean

        Your surgeon will tell you how to take care of it. This includes cleaning the area and changing bandages. It’s important to keep it clean and dry to stop infections.

        beautiful woman legs

        4. Monitor for complications

        Complications after thigh lift surgery don’t happen often. But, it’s important to watch for any signs of infection. If you notice anything unusual or have concerns, you should contact your surgeon or nurses right away.

        beautiful woman legs

        5. Attend all follow-up appointments

        Your surgeon will set up follow-up appointments to check on your recovery. And make sure the incision site is healing right. Be sure to go to these appointments. You can ask any questions or talk about any concerns you have then.

        Thigh Lift Recovery

        Here is an overview of the 5-step recovery process you can expect after a thigh lift surgery:

        woman touching her thighs
        First few days

        You will need to rest and avoid physical activity. You may need to wear compression garments to help reduce swelling and support healing.

        beautiful woman is measuring her thighs
        First week

        Expect some pain and swelling, but your pain medicine will help. Take it easy with only light walking, and rest a lot with your legs up. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, and make sure to see your surgeon for check-ups.

        Second week

        By the second week, you may be able to resume some light activities, such as walking. You may still experience swelling and discomfort, but they will gradually improve.

        slimmer thighs after surgery
        Beyond the third week

        You will be able to resume more normal activities, but you should still avoid hard exercise or heavy lifting. It is important to continue to follow your surgeon’s instructions and attend follow-up appointments.

        beautiful slim legs

        It may take several months for the full results of your thigh lift surgery. We recommend following a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain results on a permanent basis.

        What should you avoid after Thigh lift?

        If you want to make the most out of your results and improve the recovery process, you should absolutely avoid:
        Physical Exercise

        This includes running, jogging, lifting weights, or any other activity that may cause excessive movement of the thighs.

        sitting icon
        Sitting For Long Periods

        Prolonged sitting can put pressure on the incision site and delay healing.

        smoke icon

        Smoking can impair healing and increase the risks after surgery.

        alcohol icon

        Alcohol can interfere with wound healing and increase the risk of bleeding.

        calendar icon
        Skipping Medical Appointments

        It is important to attend all follow-up appointments.

        incision icon
        Neglecting the Incision Site

        You should keep the incision site clean and dry to prevent infection.

        Risks and Complications

        As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks of a thigh lifting. It is important to discuss these risks with your surgeon before the procedure to make an informed decision.

        Some potential risks include:

        • Infection
        • Scarring
        • Numbness
        • Altered sensation
        • Poor healing
        • Seroma or fluid buildup
        • Reaction to anesthesia

        It is important to carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions for aftercare to minimize all risk. If you experience any unusual symptoms or complications after your thigh lift surgery, you should contact us immediately. Your safety is always our number one concern.

        thigh measuring woman

        Thigh Lift Turkey

        istanbul bosphorus landscape

        Discover why Istanbul has become the world hub for cosmetic surgery!

        Is Turkey good for Thigh lift?

        Turkey has a well-established healthcare system with a favorable global reputation for providing high-quality treatments. Turkey is well-regarded for its advanced facilities, experienced surgeons and competitive pricing. There is one positive side and one very important consideration to make:

        ✅ Turkey’s healthcare system is regulated by the Ministry of Health. There are many clinics certified by international accreditation organizations. The country has many board-certified plastic surgeons who have been trained in some of the world’s leading medical institutions.

        ✅ Make your research carefully. Always research plastic surgeon. Be sure that they are members of international associations. Also ask how long the health tourism agency has been in business and its official government documents.

        How long do you stay in Turkey for a Thigh lift?

        You are required to stay in Turkey for at least one week after surgery. During the initial consultation, we will give you an estimate stay duration based on your specific case. We will remain by your side at all times and provide guidance on when it is safe to return home.

        We will provide guidance to help you plan the long-term recovery. We will provide you with the medical documents you need so you can take time off from work. And have a better recovery process.

        Is Turkey a good country for plastic surgery?

        Turkey is known for providing high-quality plastic surgery treatments and is considered to be one of the leading destinations for medical tourism in the world.

        Istanbul in particular has a well-established reputation with a large number of internationally accredited hospitals and clinics that offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, and many others.

        You may want to review our article named “Is Turkey’s Cosmetic Surgery Safe?“.

        Many of these facilities are equipped with the latest medical technologies and staffed by qualified healthcare professionals who have been trained in some of the world’s leading medical institutions.

        Thigh Lift Surgery Results of Turkey

        Our expert surgeons use the latest techniques to remove excess skin and fat from the thighs, leaving you with smooth, sculpted legs that you’ll be proud to show off.

        Not only will a thigh lift in Turkey enhance the appearance of your legs, but it will also boost your confidence and improve your quality of life. You’ll no longer have to hide behind long pants or cover-ups, and you’ll be able to enjoy activities like swimming and running.

        But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our before-and-after photos to see the stunning results that our patients have achieved. With our affordable prices and top-notch care, a thigh lift in Turkey is the perfect solution to achieve the sleek, toned legs you’ve always wanted.

        Thigh lift Turkey Testimonials

        Are you considering a thigh lift in Turkey but not sure where to go? Our highly experienced plastic surgeons use the latest techniques to provide exceptional results, leaving our patients thrilled with their new toned and sculpted thighs. But don’t just take our word for it – read the testimonials of our satisfied patients and see for yourself!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How painful is a Thigh lift?

        The thigh lift procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, making it completely painless. However, mild soreness may be experienced after the procedure. Medication will be administered if required.

        How are thigh lift scars after 1 year?

        In general, thigh lift scars can take up to a year or longer to fully mature and fade. However, with proper care and attention, the scars can become less noticeable over time.

        Does a lower body lift include thighs?

        Yes, a lower body lift procedure can include thighs.

        Does a thigh lift help with cellulite?

        A thigh lift can help to tighten and reshape the thighs by removing excess skin and fat, but it may not necessarily address cellulite.

        Does a tummy tuck lift your thighs?

        While a tummy tuck can improve the appearance of the abdomen, it does not directly lift the thighs.

        How long does a thigh lift last for?

        If you maintain a stable weight and follow a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet, the results of a thigh lift can last for a lifetime.

        How long does it take to recover from thigh lift?

        The recovery time for a thigh lift can vary depending on the extent of the surgery and the individual’s healing process. In general, patients can expect to need at least 1-2 weeks off from work or other regular activities to allow their body to heal.

        What is mini thigh lift?

        A mini thigh lift is a less invasive surgical procedure that is designed to address excess skin and fat on the upper part of the inner thigh. It is a smaller version of a full thigh lift, which targets excess skin and fat on the entire thigh area.

        What can I do instead of a thigh lift?

        In cases of severe sagging skin on the thighs, alternatives to a full thigh lift are limited as non-surgical methods typically don’t offer the needed results.

        However, for comprehensive body contouring, you might consider options like a full body lift or a lower body lift, which address multiple areas including the thighs. A mini thigh lift, targeting only the upper part of the inner thigh, could be suitable for less extensive sagging.

        It’s essential to consult with a plastic surgeon to determine the best approach for your specific needs.

        Can saggy thighs be fixed?

        Yes, saggy thighs can be fixed through a surgical procedure called a thigh lift.

        Does a thigh lift leave scars?

        Yes, thigh lift surgery does leave scars. However, an experienced plastic surgeon will carefully plan the incisions to minimize scarring and place them in discreet locations.

        Is thigh lift a major surgery?

        No, it is not considered a major surgery.

        Does a thigh lift remove fat?

        Yes, a thigh lift can remove excess fat from the thighs in addition to excess skin. The procedure is often combined with liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

        Is a thigh lift worse than a tummy tuck?

        A tummy tuck is a more difficult. So, in a sense, a thigh lift is not a worse procedure.

        Can you sit after a thigh lift?

        Yes, you can sit after a thigh lift, but you may need to avoid sitting for prolonged periods or sitting on hard surfaces for several weeks after the surgery. This is because sitting for extended periods can put pressure on the incision sites and affect the healing process.

        Can I walk after thigh surgery?

        No, patients are asked to rest and recover for a few days after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide specific instructions.

        What does a thigh lift include?

        Thigh lift surgery includes excess skin and fat elimination and skin stretching. The procedure can be adapted to different necessities and desires.

        How long does it take to see the results of a thigh lift?

        While the majority of results will be directly visible within 1-2 weeks after the procedure, small changes will continue to take place until 6 months to 1 year after surgery.

        What is the best procedure for fat thighs?

        Thigh lift surgery is probably the best procedure.

        Can you have a tummy tuck and thigh lift at the same time?

        Yes, both procedures can be combined and often are.

        How long do you have to wear compression after thigh lift?

        Usually, patients are required to wear the compression garment for 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide specific instructions.

        How do you sleep after a thigh lift?

        Patients are asked to sleep on a profusion of pillows and preferably on the back, to avoid pressure on the treated area as much as possible.

        What is a spiral thigh lift?

        A spiral thigh lift is a type of thigh lift surgery that involves removing excess skin and fat from the inner and outer thighs, as well as the buttocks and hips. This procedure is sometimes called a lower body lift or belt lipectomy and is typically performed on patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise.


        Prof. Dr. Ethem Güneren
        Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

        Prof. Dr. Ethem Güneren graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Medicine in 1987. In 2003, he became one of the first Turkish surgeons to become a member of the European Board of Plastic Surgeons (EBOPRAS). More recently, in 2017, Dr. Güneren also joined the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. With more than 25 years of experienced, he is one of the most widely recognized and certified surgeons in the country.

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