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Thigh Lifting in Turkey

The leg is one of the body parts most affected by changes, such as aging and weight gain or loss. When the skin loses its elasticity, especially in the inner part of the leg, the aesthetic appearance becomes uncomfortable. Sagging skin on the legs is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health problem because it can cause a feeling of discomfort when the skin rubs.

Inner Thigh Lifting aims to remove sagging skin from the legs. During this procedure, excess skin is removed, and the legs are reshaped again. Usually, inner thigh lift is performed after abdominoplasty, to remove sagging skin after weight loss and achieve aesthetic appearance. Also, inner thigh lift is usually performed after childbirth, in order to eliminate changes on the body, it is also called Mommy Makeover.

Who Can Undergo Thigh Lifting?

People with complete bone structure and skin tissue growth can undergo an inner thigh lift. Suffering from certain problems such as cellulite, sagging, inconsistent body due to legs and inability to wear all kinds of clothes, leads to loss of self-confidence, which forces people to undergo internal butt lift. thighs. Laser and liposuction are suitable solutions to eliminate simple sagging of the legs, but if the sagging is severe, an inner thigh lift should be performed.

The best decision as to which operation is best for the patient is up to the doctor.

Before Thigh Lifting

Before the operation, the patient should check the hospital and doctor experience, even if the success rates are high in Turkey, you should not ignore this point. Appropriate prices and medical tourism programs are the points that makes Turkey on the top list of the best countries in cosmetic operations. After choosing the hospital and the doctor, the patient should discuss their expectations and operations details with the doctor. And the patients should be realistic about what they are waiting for from the operation. Your doctor will inform you about all the operation’s details, the applied techniques, and the advice after the operation. Before the operation, your doctor will do the necessary tests, such as body’s ability for anesthesia, physical test, fat intake analysis, blood test.

In this stage, you should inform your doctor about:

  • If you are allergic to any medicine.
  • If you have suffered a health crisis that may affect the operation results.
  • The daily used medications.
  • If you are using any antibiotics.
  • There are some points to consider before the operation.
  • Stop smoking one week at least before the operation.
  • Stop drinking alcohol one week at least before the operation.
  • Stop using blood transfusions such as Aspirin.
  • Do not eat any heavy meal one day before the operation.

It is not preferable to undergo this operation while losing weight, when you do it after finishing weight loss, the results will be amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions Thigh Lifting

What is an inner thigh lift?

It is a cosmetic operation to treat sagging legs, which occur due to weight loss or gain and aging.

Is it possible to have an inner thigh lift while losing weight?

It is not best to undergo this procedure while losing weight as it may affect the results.

When can I resume a normal life after the operation?

You can resume a normal life after one week of operation.

Who can undergo an inner thigh lift?

People who suffer from sagging legs and do not have any health barriers that may affect the operation can undergo an inner thigh lift.