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Turkey Medical Tourism Stats 2023 Infographic

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Turkey’s journey as a premier destination for health tourism showcases a remarkable trajectory of growth and resilience. In 2019, the country welcomed 701,046 health tourists, establishing its reputation as a key player in the global medical tourism sector. 

The unprecedented challenges of 2020 saw a decline to 407,423 visitors, reflecting the global impact of the pandemic. However, Turkey’s commitment to quality healthcare and safety protocols facilitated a swift recovery in 2021, attracting 670,730 health tourists as confidence began to rebuild. The subsequent years have seen exponential growth, with 1,258,382 visitors in 2022 and a staggering 1,800,000 in 2023, underscoring Turkey’s robust recovery and its ever-strengthening appeal as a health tourism destination. 

This data not only highlights Turkey’s resilience in the face of global challenges but also its burgeoning popularity among those seeking top-tier medical services, innovative treatments, and welcoming hospitality.

Why Do Patients Prefer Turkey?

  • Affordable Costs %63
  • Türkiye is a touristically attractive country %58
  • Travel to Turkey is easy and flight time is short %51
  • Quality of Hospitals/Clinics %33
  • Highly Qualified & Experienced Doctors %31
  • Travel services are very luxurious %29
  • Availability of Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology %20
  • Short Standby Time %19

Turkey’s allure as a leading health tourism destination is vividly depicted through our survey results, highlighting the multifaceted reasons behind its popularity.

These insights reveal a comprehensive picture of Turkey’s appeal, combining cost-effectiveness, quality care, and the unique allure of its cultural and natural beauty, making it a preferred choice for health travelers.

Medical Tourism
in Turkey

Which countries did they mostly come from?

The majority of patients seeking medical care in Turkey hailed from a diverse array of countries, including Germany, Russia, the UK, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Romania, Norway, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, France, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Iran. 

This eclectic mix underscores Turkey’s status as a sought-after destination for healthcare, attracting individuals from across Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. The influx of patients from these nations reflects Turkey’s growing reputation as a global healthcare hub, renowned for its quality medical services, experienced professionals, and diverse treatment options.

Preferred Treatment Types

  1. Hair Transplantation %50
  2. Ophthalmology %18,1
  3. Cosmetic Surgeries %15,57
  4. Dental Treatments %15
  5. Weight Loss Surgeries %0,95
  6. Others %0,38

The data reveals a clear preference among patients for specific types of treatments when opting for medical care in Turkey. A significant majority, comprising 50%, sought hair transplantation services, highlighting Turkey’s expertise in this field. 

Ophthalmology procedures followed closely behind, with 18.1% of patients choosing treatments related to eye care. Cosmetic surgeries and dental treatments were also popular choices, accounting for 15.57% and 15% of patient preferences, respectively, underlining Turkey’s reputation for excellence in aesthetic and dental procedures. 

Weight loss surgeries, though representing a smaller percentage at 0.95%, still showcased Turkey’s capabilities in addressing diverse medical needs. 

Additionally, a small fraction of patients, at 0.38%, opted for other treatments, indicating the breadth of medical services available in Turkey to cater to varying healthcare requirements.

Most Performed Cosmetic Surgeries by Type

  1. Face & Head %43,94
  2. Body & Extremities %30,05
  3. Breast %26,01

The breakdown of cosmetic surgeries by type illuminates the prevailing trends in aesthetic procedures sought by patients in Turkey. The data reveals that a significant portion, comprising 43.94%, of cosmetic surgeries performed focused on enhancing the face and head, reflecting the desire for facial rejuvenation and refinement. 

Following closely behind, procedures targeting the body and extremities accounted for 30.05% of surgeries, indicating a growing interest in sculpting and contouring various areas of the body. 

Breast surgeries constituted 26.01% of the total, emphasizing the enduring popularity of procedures aimed at enhancing breast aesthetics

These statistics underscore Turkey’s proficiency in a wide range of cosmetic surgical techniques, catering to diverse patient preferences and aesthetic goals with precision and expertise.

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgeries by Procedure

  1. Liposuction 13.7%
  2. Rhinoplasty 12.0%
  3. Breast Augmentation 11.7%
  4. Eyelid Surgery 9.1%
  5. Fat Grafting Face 6.5%

The data presents a comprehensive overview of the top cosmetic surgeries performed in Turkey, highlighting the most sought-after procedures among patients. 

Leading the list is liposuction, accounting for 13.7% of all cosmetic surgeries, reflecting a prevalent desire for body contouring and fat removal. 

Rhinoplasty follows closely behind, representing 12.0% of procedures, indicating the enduring popularity of nose reshaping and enhancement. 

Breast augmentation ranks third at 11.7%, underscoring the significance of breast enhancement procedures in aesthetic surgery. 

Eyelid surgery captures 9.1% of the total, emphasizing the importance of rejuvenating the eye area for a youthful appearance. 

Lastly, fat grafting for the face constitutes 6.5% of procedures, showcasing the growing interest in natural-looking facial volume restoration and enhancement. 

These statistics shed light on the diverse array of cosmetic procedures available in Turkey, catering to various aesthetic goals and preferences with precision and expertise.

Data sources:

This comprehensive infographic on Medical Tourism in Turkey for 2023 has been meticulously crafted, drawing from a wealth of authoritative sources and direct feedback from a significant cohort of individuals within the medical tourism sector. 

Our research incorporates data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) and insights from contracted hospitals and clinics, which are at the forefront of Turkey’s burgeoning medical tourism industry.

To ensure our findings are deeply rooted in the experiences and preferences of those it affects most, we have conducted detailed surveys with 1,384 patients and prospective patients. These surveys, both face-to-face and online, have been instrumental in providing a nuanced, patient-centric perspective to our study.

Each statistic and insight presented in this infographic is the culmination of diligent research and analysis, guaranteeing our readers a factual, comprehensive, and enlightening overview. By harmonizing scientific data with genuine patient experiences, our goal is to offer a reliable and captivating snapshot of the quality and diversity of medical tourism in Turkey as of 2023.

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