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What to Do If You Have Had a Bad Liposuction?

Liposuction Gone Wrong: Understanding, Preventing, and Correcting the Outcome

Liposuction, as one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries worldwide, offers many the hope of attaining an ideal body. However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and complications. Some patients, unfortunately, face the aftermath of botched liposuction.

This article delves deep into the consequences of liposuction gone wrong and provides guidance on how to avoid such complications.

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What is liposuction?


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure where excess fat is suctioned out from specific areas of the body. The aim is to reshape and redefine contours, often for aesthetic purposes. The process involves inserting a cannula (a thin hollow tube) through small incisions, and then using it to break up and extract unwanted fat.

What are the signs of bad liposuction?

  • Uneven Fat Removal: Instead of a smooth contour, the treated area may appear lumpy or wavy.
  • Dents or Divots: Sometimes, the removal might be too aggressive, leading to depressed areas.
  • Scar Tissue: Formation of hard lumps beneath the skin due to the accumulation of scar tissue.
  • Loose Skin: Insufficient skin contraction post-procedure leading to sagging.
  • Cannula Marks: Visible tiny scars where the cannula was inserted.
  • Numbness: Loss of sensation in the treated area, which might be temporary or permanent.
  • Accumulation of Fluid: Buildup of lymph or blood, termed as seroma or hematoma, respectively.
  • Skin Infection or Necrosis: Skin infections can occur post-surgery, and in rare cases, skin tissues might die, leading to necrosis.

Other Risks and Complications of Liposuction:

  • Internal organ punctures
  • Fat embolism
  • Kidney or heart issues due to fluid shifts
  • Allergic reactions
  • Thermal burn from ultrasound-assisted liposuction

What causes botched liposuction?

  • Inexperienced Surgeon: Lack of skill or inadequate training.
  • Poor Patient-Surgeon Communication: Unrealistic expectations or not understanding the patient’s goals.
  • Technical Errors: Using outdated techniques or equipment.
  • Rushed Procedures: Not taking the time to assess and plan the surgery.

What are the effects of bad liposuction?

Botched liposuction can lead to physical discomfort, chronic pain, or numbness. There’s also the psychological toll it can take, with patients feeling disappointment, anxiety, or even depression. The monetary costs can also escalate if revision surgeries are required.

What can I do if I have had bad liposuction?

Consulting a skilled cosmetic surgeon is crucial. They can assess the severity and suggest possible corrective measures, which might include revision liposuction or other treatments.

How can I avoid bad liposuction?

Avoiding an unfavourable liposuction outcome isn’t just about luck; it’s about informed choices,

thorough research, and setting realistic expectations.

No one goes into a surgical procedure hoping for subpar results, yet, unfortunately, botched surgeries occur. As the popularity of liposuction continues to rise, so does the importance of understanding how to sidestep potential pitfalls and ensure you’re on the path to achieving the desired contours and aesthetic.

In the next sections, we’ll dive deep into the proactive steps you can take to minimize the risk of liposuction going wrong, ensuring that your journey to body transformation is smooth, safe, and satisfying.

  • Research: Thoroughly vet your potential surgeon, reviewing their credentials and before-and-after photos.
  • Open Communication: Clearly convey your expectations and understand the potential outcomes.
  • Post-Op Care: Following recovery guidelines can significantly reduce complications.

What to look for when choosing a liposuction surgeon?

• Certification from recognized medical boards.
• Specialization in liposuction.
• Positive patient testimonials and reviews.
• An open and honest communication style.

Why choose Care in Turkey for liposuction revision?

Care in Turkey stands out with its commitment to quality and patient satisfaction. We ensure every procedure is executed with precision, skill, and care, minimizing the risks associated with liposuction.

Turkey's Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery

Turkey has rapidly emerged as a global hub for cosmetic surgery, boasting advanced medical facilities, internationally trained surgeons, and competitive prices. But what truly sets Turkey apart in the realm of cosmetic enhancements?

  • World-Class Surgeons and Specialists: Many Turkish cosmetic surgeons have undergone training in Europe and the US, ensuring they are abreast with the latest techniques and global standards. These surgeons bring a mix of international expertise and local experience, offering patients the best of both worlds.
  • State-of-the-Art Clinics and Hospitals: Turkey’s commitment to healthcare has led to massive investments in building world-class hospitals and clinics, equipped with the latest technology. These facilities prioritize patient comfort, safety, and hygiene.
  • Affordability without Compromising Quality: One of the major attractions for medical tourists is Turkey’s affordable cosmetic surgery costs. Despite the lower price tag, there is no compromise on the quality of care. The reduced costs are largely due to favorable exchange rates, lower operational costs, and government incentives for medical tourism.
  • Accreditations and Certifications: Many Turkish hospitals hold international accreditations, like the Joint Commission International (JCI), which indicates they adhere to global standards of care and safety.
  • Holistic Medical Tourism Experience: Beyond the surgery itself, Turkey offers a complete package. Medical tourists often enjoy the country’s rich culture, historical sites, and natural beauty during their recovery, making the cosmetic surgery journey a memorable experience.
  • Personalized Care: Turkish cosmetic surgery centers often provide comprehensive patient care, which includes consultation, surgery, and post-operative care. The surgeons and medical staff are known for their warmth and personalized attention, ensuring patients feel comfortable and well-informed throughout their journey.
  • Range of Procedures: From rhinoplasty and breast augmentations to cutting-edge non-invasive treatments, Turkey offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures. This versatility means patients can often get multiple treatments in one trip.

In summary, Turkey’s blend of experienced professionals, high-end facilities, affordability, and its unique position as a cultural crossroads makes it an attractive destination for those seeking top-tier cosmetic surgery. With its focus on patient satisfaction and outcomes, Turkey stands out as a leading choice in the world of aesthetic enhancements.

Can I Get Revision Liposuction Alongside Other Procedures?

Yes, in consultation with your surgeon, multiple procedures can often be combined, depending on your health and desired results.

Other Procedures that Can be Done Alongside Liposuction Revision

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty):

  • Description: This procedure removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal area and tightens the underlying muscles, resulting in a flatter and firmer abdomen.
  • Why Pair with Liposuction Revision: To achieve a more contoured abdominal profile, especially if the patient has sagging or loose skin after their initial liposuction.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction:

  • Description: This involves enhancing the size and shape of breasts with implants or reducing their size by removing excess tissue.
  • Why Pair with Liposuction Revision: Enhancing or reducing breast size can provide balance with the newly contoured areas post liposuction revision.

Fat Transfer:

  • Description: This process involves extracting fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another to restore volume.
  • Why Pair with Liposuction Revision: Any excess fat from liposuction revision can be purified and utilized to enhance areas like the buttocks, breasts, or fat transfer to face.

Arm Lift or Thigh Lift:

  • Description: Excess skin and fat from the upper arms or thighs are removed to create a toned appearance.
  • Why Pair with Liposuction Revision: To further contour areas that might have been unevenly treated during the initial liposuction.

Face Lift:

  • Description: This rejuvenating procedure tightens sagging skin on the face and neck, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Why Pair with Liposuction Revision: If a patient is having facial liposuction revision, a facelift can be combined to achieve an overall youthful and refreshed appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL):

  • Description: Fat is transferred to the buttocks to enhance its size and shape.
  • Why Pair with Liposuction Revision: The fat removed during liposuction revision can be utilized for BBL, offering dual benefits of contouring one area and augmenting another.

Neck Lift:

  • Description: It involves tightening the skin and underlying muscles of the neck to reduce sagging and achieve a more defined jawline.
  • Why Pair with Liposuction Revision: If there were issues with initial neck or chin liposuction, combining it with a neck lift can provide a more harmonious result.

When considering multiple surgical procedures, it’s crucial to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to understand the benefits, risks, and expected recovery time. Combining surgeries can be advantageous in terms of cost and recovery, but patient safety and desired outcomes should always be the top priority.

Prof. Dr. Ethem Güneren
Plastic Surgery
Prof. Dr. Ethem Güneren
Prof. Dr. Ethem Güneren

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction Revision Surgery?

Ideal candidates are those who experienced unsatisfactory results from a previous liposuction but are in good health and have realistic expectations about the revision’s outcomes.

What to Expect After Revision Liposuction?

The recovery phase is like initial liposuction. You might experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort, which typically subside within a few weeks. It’s essential to wear compression garments and attend follow-up appointments. Results become evident after swelling decreases, revealing smoother, more even contours.


While liposuction is a transformative procedure, understanding potential complications is crucial. Empower yourself with knowledge and choose trusted professionals to ensure the best outcomes.

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin
Plastic, Reconstructive &
Aesthetic Surgery
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin
Plastic, Reconstructive &
Aesthetic Surgery
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Prof. Dr. Ethem Güneren
Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Prof. Dr. Ethem Güneren graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Medicine in 1987. In 2003, he became one of the first Turkish surgeons to become a member of the European Board of Plastic Surgeons (EBOPRAS). More recently, in 2017, Dr. Güneren also joined the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. With more than 25 years of experienced, he is one of the most widely recognized and certified surgeons in the country.

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