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Buccal Fat Removal Regrets, Why Your Plastic Surgeon Should Not Be So Aggressive About Buccal Fat Removal?

As aesthetic medicine continues to evolve, an increasing number of people are seeking procedures that offer swift and dramatic transformations. One such procedure that has been rising in popularity is buccal fat removal, a surgery intended to sculpt the face and enhance one’s cheekbones. While it has indeed worked wonders for some, it has also been a source of regret for others.

Buccal fat removal involves the extraction of fat pads located in the lower part of the cheeks, known as buccal fat pads. The removal of these fat pads results in a slimmer, more contoured facial appearance, giving an individual a more chiseled look.

However, the caveat lies in the fact that the procedure’s results are permanent. Over-extraction of buccal fat can lead to an overly hollowed-out look, which might not be desirable as the patient ages. Thus, it is critical for plastic surgeons to exercise restraint and judgement when performing buccal fat removal.

Cases of Regret

Regret following buccal fat removal often stems from the procedure being too aggressive, resulting in an excessively thin face that may look gaunt or aged. Aging naturally depletes the facial fat, and when combined with a prior aggressive buccal fat removal, it can lead to a pronounced, skeletonized appearance.

Many individuals who have undergone an aggressive buccal fat removal find themselves dissatisfied with their results, especially as they age. Some have expressed regret online, sharing that they feel their faces now look older and less youthful than they would have liked.

Why Surgeons Must Be Cautious

The patient’s age, face shape, and overall aesthetic goals should be key considerations before deciding on the extent of buccal fat removal. It’s also crucial to remember that trends change over time. While a sharply defined face might be desirable today, aesthetic preferences might shift in the future.

Moreover, as the face ages and loses volume, the presence of some buccal fat can help maintain a youthful appearance. Therefore, a conservative approach to buccal fat removal often yields more balanced and long-lasting results.
Plastic surgeons must, therefore, discuss these considerations in-depth with their patients. Setting realistic expectations and explaining the potential long-term impacts of aggressive buccal fat removal is critical in ensuring patients make informed decisions about their surgery.


While buccal fat removal can result in a more contoured facial appearance, it’s a procedure that requires a thoughtful approach to avoid unwanted results in the long run. An aggressive approach to the procedure can lead to regrets later in life, emphasizing the need for moderation and careful patient counseling. Remember, when it comes to plastic surgery, sometimes less is more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the results of buccal fat removal be reversed?

Buccal fat removal is a permanent procedure, and the fat pads cannot naturally regrow once removed. While some surgical options can help restore lost volume, these procedures have their own risks and limitations. Hence, it’s essential to thoroughly consider all aspects of buccal fat removal before opting for the procedure.

What alternatives are there to buccal fat removal?

Non-surgical alternatives to buccal fat removal include weight loss, facial exercises, and maintaining a balanced diet.

How can I avoid regrets after buccal fat removal?

Avoiding regrets involves setting realistic expectations, understanding the potential long-term effects, and choosing a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. It’s essential to have a detailed discussion with your surgeon about your aesthetic goals and any potential concerns. Being fully informed about the procedure and its outcomes is key to making a decision you’ll be happy with in the long term.

Can aging impact the results of buccal fat removal?

Yes, aging can significantly impact the results of buccal fat removal. As we age, our faces naturally lose volume. If the buccal fat pads have been removed, this volume loss can be more pronounced, leading to a gaunt or aged appearance. This is why a conservative approach to buccal fat removal is often recommended.

How can I achieve a more sculpted face without surgery?

Achieving a more sculpted face without surgery can be possible with a combination of healthy lifestyle habits such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco. Certain facial exercises may also help tone the muscles in your face.

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