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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Turkey

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty, is one of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedures at our clinics. Also known as a nose job; rhinoplasty is designed to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose, or to correct a breathing problem.

Nose reshaping may also be performed as a reconstructive procedure to repair a birth defect or a traumatic injury, such as a broken nose.

It can also be carried out for functional purposes rather than cosmetic. Combining nose with a septoplasty can effectively correct breathing issues caused by deviated septum.

How Should The Nose Be Ideal?

The ideal nose must be symmetrical and have a natural appearance that matches the face, also helps to breathe naturally. However, the ideal nose concept is different from person to another, and from country to another. The components of the nose must be in harmony with each other and provides a suitable appearance for the face type. Rhinoplasty aims to achieve this harmony and get a nose with a natural appearance.

When Should a Rhinoplasty be Performed?

  • If you are not satisfied about the appearance or the size of your nose.
  • If your nose is too big or too small or doesn’t match your face.
  • If you have breathing problems.
  • If your nose is too big and heavily curved.
  • If you have congenital problems or had an accident.

For a healthier life and better appearance, you should perform Rhinoplasty.

Who Can Perform a Rhinoplasty?

The most important reasons that leads to a cosmetic surgery for the nose are deformities and respiratory problems. Genital abnormalities usually occur because of genetic factors. However, occasional accidents, trauma or subsequent tumors may cause deformities.

Congenital Problems: depending on the genetic code of the person, the nose may be poorly shaped, causing breathing difficulties. In such cases which are usually caused by the family, the person may want to change the shape of their nose according to the general understanding of beauty. People who complain of their noses can consult specialists in nose aesthetic.

Problems Caused By Accidents: Trauma and accidents can cause a deterioration of the shape of the nose. In particular, falling in childhood can damage the nose bone and adversely affect the development of it. Untreated nasal bone fractures can cause deformities and difficulty in breathing. In adulthood, there may be deterioration in the shape of the nose for people who have suffered trauma, accidents and those interested in combat sports. Although it is not very common, only the nasal tumor and the operations performed to remove this tumor may also cause deformities in the nose. In such cases, Rhinoplasty may be needed.

Frequently Asked Questions Nose Surgery

What should be avoided after Rhinoplasty?
It is forbidden to wear glasses, exercise or sunbathe for two months after the operation. After 15 days, you can do some sports such as swimming and walking.
What Is The Cost Of Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty is an operation that can be performed in different techniques according to the person’s desires and expectations. Therefore, the cost of the surgery may vary. Once your doctor has examined you, you can get the final price.
Is There Several Pain After the Surgery?
There is no great pain after the operation, But if nasal plugs are used, breathing from the mouth should be done.
When Does The Nose Take Its Final Shape After The Surgery?
The final shape is reached after the end of the sixth month. But it may take about a year to reach the final shape of the nose. In the first six months, the nose will not remain as it is after the operation,but over time the bones will take their normal shape.
What Is The Best Season To Have Rhinoplasty?
Season doesn’t matter, Rhinoplasty can be done any time during the year, whether it’s winter or summer. However, a good time for this surgery would of course be when you can get some time off work.