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Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetic) in Turkey

Bichectomy (cheek aesthetics) is one of the most fashionable cheek aesthetic applications of recent times. Through this application, also known as Hollywood cheek, the desired cheek appearance is achieved. Additionally, the formation of an inverted triangular facial structure after the procedure provides a beautiful aesthetic appearance.

The structure of the cheeks, which causes a lack of self-confidence in women, can be corrected by bichectomy after facial examinations. It should be remembered that this procedure, which has no side effects, provides maximum efficiency.

​How Is Bishectomy (Cheek Aesthetics) Performed?

Prior to cheek aesthetics, patients should not consume blood thinners or medications. Especially aspirin should not be used until 10 days before. You should know that the transaction will not be carried out in such cases. After the necessary control processes are provided, an incision is made through the mouth. In addition, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. After reaching the cheek through the mouth, the excess fat removal process begins, unlike the fat injection process. Once the fat is removed, the incision is closed, and stitches are made. The incision scar in the mouth disappears in 1 week.

Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics) is a painless application. It can be performed under general anesthesia, sedation or local anesthesia. The operation is completed in a short time after the analysis of the fatty tissue and the examination of the structure of the cheek. Since maximum effectiveness is achieved from surgery, it is possible for patients to reach the desired cheek appearance in a short time.

Considerations After Bichectomy

After bichectomy, also known as cheek thinning surgery, doctor’s recommendations should be followed. In this process, medications prescribed by the doctor can be taken while the oral care continues. In addition, oral care is one of the most important situations.

Daily cleaning should be done to prevent infection in the mouth area and the risk of infection should be eliminated. After bichectomy, patients can resume their daily lives. However, as there will be stitches in the mouth, care should be taken during eating and drinking activities. Since the stitches made after the incision will fall out in a week, it is enough to pay attention to the first period of a week.

Frequently Asked Questions Bichectomy

Who can get a bichectomy?

Women with a large amount of fat on the cheeks, whose facial features are not obvious, whose face looks fat, often prefer this method. Bichectomy is performed on people with thick, square facial contours. Although the greatest demand for this procedure comes from women, it is also applied to male patients. Since the bone and fat structure of male patients is different, less fat is removed when the procedure is performed in men.

How should I choose a doctor?

Choosing a doctor is one of the most important questions in cosmetic cheek surgery. Cheek aesthetics where to put oil on the cheek and how much oil to get, then where and how much filler to apply if filler is needed is a very important issue. In order to give the face a V-shape, all facial contours must be assessed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Equally important is the training of the doctor and the success of his surgical procedures.

What are the risks of bichectomy surgery?

A bichectomy is generally a simple, risk-free, short-term operation with satisfactory results. The risk of complications is very low. As with any surgery, the surgeon must be very experienced in the anatomy of the area. But with the development of technology, the risk in this transaction has fallen to zero. For this reason, it is a method that is very often used by many female and male patients.

Who can get a bichectomy?

Anyone with thick, square or round facial contours due to cheek area lubrication can easily perform this process. Although they do not have excess weight, bichectomy is only recommended for people with lubrication in the cheeks to achieve proportionate and aesthetic facial contours.

Is there an age limit for a bichectomy?

For this procedure, which has become quite common in Turkey in recent years, patients must be over 20-25 years old. Cheek fatty tissue becomes more permanent from this age. For this reason, cheek reduction should not be considered until the end of puberty. This procedure can be performed on anyone with excess cheek fat who has survived puberty.