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BBL: Between Reality And Utopia

BBL: Between Reality And Utopia

The shape and size of a woman’s buttocks are strongly linked to genetics, her genes and those of her parents. The value of having flat or plump, high, or drooping, firm or soft buttocks varies from culture to culture, from woman to woman. This is what creates aesthetic variety and dynamics in many women. You can discover a new shape for your body for a healthy mind with BBL surgery. In Turkey, BBL is a reality, specialists will help you achieve your ideal body. It is now up to you to decide if you want to undergo Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

The BBL is an English acronym used to abbreviate the expression Brazilian Butt Lifting? This surgical procedure owes its name to Brazil thanks to the enormous success it had in this country before spreading all over the world.

This consists of removing a quantity of fat from an area of ​​the body by liposuction (the stomach or thighs, lower back, or flanks) and grafting it onto the upper quadrant of the buttocks to increase its volume while drawing a more seductive shape. This procedure is usually performed in the hospital.

Nowadays, buttock aesthetics has become one of the most popular operations in the world, especially in Turkey. Women looking for an attractive body choose their own methods to have attractive buttocks. Some practice sports, others resort to a healthy diet. But for those who cannot indulge in these two practices for one reason or another, the last resort is cosmetic surgery. Several questions arise around the reliability of the aesthetics of the buttocks, its success, etc.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one of the most popular surgical procedures for women, it not only transforms the shape of the buttocks but also gives an aesthetic and attractive look. Among all the surgeries, BBL is one of the most successful procedures. Of course, buttock enhancement is not a new phenomenon, but Brazilian buttock lift surgery is very popular all over the world, it can be noticed through many celebrities who have undergone this procedure. BBL helps many of these people to enhance their buttocks.

Who Can Perform The Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery is a simple procedure for some depending on their expectations and medical conditions. But for others it is complicated or even impossible due to clinical complications. In short, to be eligible for the BBL you must:

– Have fat reserves on the removed areas (hips, thighs, lower back, belly and….) If the person is too thin, they will not be able to benefit from BBL.

– Want a buttock augmentation without silicone implants. Without the intervention of foreign bodies.

– Be in good physical health.

The BBL has already made its mark all over the world, so it’s a reality. Several women have testified to the success and reliability of this intervention, how the new shape of the buttocks contributes to their high self-esteem. You too can benefit from this surgery at Care in Turkey if you think you are a good candidate.

How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

Generally, people always ask the duration of the BBL procedure whether it lasts forever or not. Many things can cause the duration of a Brazilian Butt Lift to vary. It depends on how patients treat the buttocks during the recovery process. Otherwise, patients can see the result of a Brazilian butt lift lasting for five years or more. BBL lasts sometimes a decade if patients treat their Brazilian Butt Lift in a way that maximizes results.

How Much Fat Do We Need For A BBL?

The amount of fat varies from patient to patient. For patients who only want a subtle change in the size and shape of their buttocks, a small amount of fat may be needed. Nevertheless, a much larger volume of fat would be needed for an amazing result. Normally, for fat transfer to buttock lift surgery, a plastic surgeon may need to harvest at least 1000 cc of fat, 500 cc of fat per buttock.

What Are The Risks Of The Bbl Procedure?

Like any surgery, the Brazilian butt lift also has risks. Thus, the patient, during the consultation, must inform the specialist surgeon of all his allergies and all his previous medical complications, and follow the advice of the surgeon properly. Some of the BBL risks include heart and lung complications, deep vein thrombosis, infection, blood clots, fat embolism, bruising, stretch marks, excessive blood loss. These are among others the risks of the BBL procedure.

How Long Will The Brazilian Butt Lift Take To Recover?

Brazilian Butt Lift healing process varies from patient to patient, each body type reacts differently to the medical condition. In fact, recovery from BBL usually takes around six weeks. For the first two weeks, patients should avoid sitting or lying directly on their back. Patients may return to their daily routine one week after surgery, depending on the patient’s tone, some may return to moderate exercise after four weeks. But full recovery and results of BBL can take between six months and a year.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before And After

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and after Surgery is a sensitive time, patients should avoid many things, such as: Do not take any medications until advised to do so safely by your surgeon. As BBL is always performed under general anesthesia, patients should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, or the like. With BBL before and after the procedure, most plastic surgery patients have excellent results with it for many years. If patients do not gain or lose much weight, they should see satisfactory results for ten years or more.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost In Turkey

Turkey is recognized in addition to its experienced plastic surgeons but also and above all for the costs of the services offered, Turkey gives an affordable price. The BBL costs in Turkey between $2,000 and $3,000. Considering other costs, such as medical tests, follow-up, hotel, transportation, and translation services. The Brazilian Butt Lift Prices vary according to the method used and according to the clinic. In fact, you will get detailed information after consulting your plastic surgeon. You can book a consultation at any time for your Brazilian Butt Lift.

At care in Turkey, Brazilian Butt Lift is a reality. We are here to help you realize your dream. Do not hesitate to contact us.